Eco-responsible shirts and tops: a basic wardrobe item for women made in France 

Women's shirts on demand and made in France

Aatise women's shirts and tops are designed in our workshop in Bordeaux using natural and environmentally friendly materials.

The linen shirts or EcoVero women made in France: an essential piece.

The ecoresponsible white shirt for women

Timeless, feminine, comfortable and versatile are some of the adjectives that describe the white shirt for women. This classic shirt has been a staple in women's wardrobes throughout the ages. Its shapes and materials vary over time and adapt to the trends of the moment.

The white shirt dress

The white shirt can also be used as a dress. A little longer than the oversized shirt, it can be worn in summer with sandals or heels.

In winter it is not to be forgotten either! Combine it with black semi-transparent tights and a short jumper. The combination with our Zundry merino wool jumper will break the strictness of the shirt. For shoes, opt for boots or ankle boots.

Women's Oversize Shirt made in France

This style of shirt has been very trendy in recent years and can be adapted to any look. Due to its loose fit, its flounced bottom, its drooping shoulders, it is similar to a man's shirt.

It can be worn as a jacket or an overshirt over a top or t-shirt, combining perfectly with shorts and crop tops.

Wearing the oversized shirt in summer is possible if you give it a looser style! With trousers or shorts, roll up the sleeves for a more casual look. In winter, choose your favourite turtleneck to go under your oversized shirt.

The different shapes of women's shirts

Zalabis Aatise Shirt: This classic shirt is soft to the touch and perfect for any occasion. It has a left breast pocket and long sleeves with cuffs. It fits all body types for a feminine silhouette.

Zuzie Aatise shirt: The new oversized shirt for women. Left breast pocket and long sleeves with cuffs. It adapts to all styles.

Zaski Aatise blouse: The 100% viscose made in France Zaski blouse will make a difference! Kimono-inspired, feminine cut with belt: you won't be able to resist its fluid, light fall. 

Zyrase Aatise blouse (chic woman) : With its 3/4 sleeves, its fluid fall and its buttons in vegan or pearly coconut, the retro Zyrase blouse with its wide collar reminds the style of the 1940s. It can be worn with or without trousers, tied or not: the choice is yours!

Chic women's tops Aatise

Chic women's tops

Zomila top: this top highlights all body types thanks to its elastic band that marks the waist with elegance. Its wrap-around neckline highlights your chest.

Zalana top: the sleeveless wrap-around Zalana crop top can easily be combined with trousers or shorts.

Zenon top is perfect for stylish and elegant looks. A dubious cut, round neck and cuffed sleeves that suits all shapes/modalities.

Zamelie: the new white top for women

This sleeveless top is a basic must-have for the spring and summer season. Made of 100% linen, straight and fluid cut, it can be combined with jeans or denim shorts.

Zuvy women's strapless top

Sensuality and softness define the Zuvy top for women. 100% viscose top, V-neck, low cut back, sleeveless and made in France. Fluid and light, the summer heat will be only soft on your skin!

Are the made in france Aatise shirts for women customizable?

You can customize your shirt and top in our customization path. Choose the colour or print, the shape and the sleeves to make your co-responsible piece unique.

The different materials

Women's linen shirts made in France

Linen shirts are a timeless part of women's wardrobes. They are eco-responsible and adaptable to all occasions: at the office, summer evenings, at the beach... They are perfect when you wonder how to dress!

This material is recyclable, biodegradable and consumes very little water. It is also thermoregulating, its insulating fibre releases or traps air depending on the outside temperature and thus regulates your body temperature.

Eco-responsible shirts made of ecovero

This artificial fibre is produced using wood pulp and solvents. This fabric is a viscose that is more ecological, breathable and soft to the touch.

Shirts made of Ecovero are very comfortable, light and pleasant to wear.