Recycled Sustainable Men's Trousers Made in France

Sustainable recycled men's pants or chinos from France.

Chino, trousers, jeans, what's the difference anyway?

Chino pants were invented by the British Army because the soldiers' gear in India was too warm for the high temperatures. The pants were made of cotton and were lighter than jeans or pants made of wool. It was suitable for hot climates. They were also called khaki pants - a term still used in England, for example.

Jeans were invented in the 16th century by the Genoese navy to dress sailors. This fabric was exported throughout Europe and weavers from Nïmes tried unsuccessfully to reproduce the fabric, but instead invented a fabric with twill weave (made of wool and silk), which became known as denim.

The chino, the alternative to jeans.

The chino is a very durable, robust and, above all, comfortable garment. It is much lighter than jeans. Most often it is made of cotton. This essential basic of men's wardrobe is very versatile and can be worn every day, even in the office.

Why choosing pants made of environmentally friendly materials?

Water consumption in the production of a conventional pair of jeans is estimated at 7000 to 10,000 liters of water. In addition, the dyeing of these usually contains chlorine and heavy metals, which are sometimes discharged into nature in Asia.

A special fabric: Tencell Lyocell and recycled cotton.

At Aatise they have privileged the ecological and sustainable material par excellence: Tencel Lyocell. It is made from wood pulp from certified sustainable forests and cotton waste.

The yarn is fully biodegradable and compostable, 99.6% of the chemicals and 100% of the water used are recovered.

The advantages of Tencel fiber

The benefits of this famous fiber are numerous. The soft fibers provide lasting comfort to even the most sensitive skin, improve fabric quality and glide easily over the skin.

Tencel fibers absorb moisture and allow the skin to breathe while naturally regulating body temperature. In addition, they provide a less favorable environment for the growth of bacteria, ensuring better hygiene. Finally, these fibers are very sturdy and are among the most durable of their kind.

The right pants for your body shape.

We all need pants that fit our body shape and build. Because for us, the right length of pants is one that is neither too short nor too long, and not too tight on the body.  We need to consider our body type to avoid having short legs or looking very tall.

Here are the different body shapes that can help you choose and combine your pants.

The perfect pant shape for men

There is a reason why we should not tell you that our pants have a perfect fit.

Their straight, elegant cut is ideal for all circumstances and body shapes. (see our article about men's morphologies ).

The standard length of our pants is designed to fit everyone!