Ethical and eco-responsible shirts for Men

Say yes to ethical and environmentally conscious fashion with our Sustainable Men's Shirts.

The shirt is one of the most worn garments by men. It is practical and multifunctional and the perfect garment for any occasion.

It is a garment suitable for both formal and informal styles and should never be missing from a gentleman's wardrobe. In short, it is not a garment to be worn only in the office or with a suit.

Men's shirts made locally to order.

Our shirts are made from environmentally friendly materials upon request or demand. Thanks to our personalization path, you can choose the size and color you want for your linen or ecovero shirt.

When we manufacture on demand, we only produce the garments that are needed to avoid overstocks and unsold merchandise. At Aatise, quality is preferred to quantity.

The men's shirt : a must for you Sir.

Long sleeve men's shirt Zeus Aatise

This beautiful, environmentally conscious shirt made of 100% linen or Ecovero will accompany you with a comfort that leaves nothing to be desired and for any occasion. Zeus features long sleeves with a French collar, a heart chest pocket, mother of pearl buttons and a one-button handle.

How to wear the sustainable long sleeve men's shirt?

It is always a good option to have a long sleeve shirt in your closet, as you can wear it on different occasions if you combine it properly. Whether it's with pants, shorts or even swimsuits, shirts can be worn all year round for many occasions.

When to tuck your shirt into your pants and when not to?

For a formal outfit at work, it's best to tuck your shirt into your pants to look professional and serious.

If you are wearing a shirt with a jacket or a suit, you should tuck it into your pants for a neat look.

On the other hand, if you want to wear a casual outfit, it's time to pull the shirt out of the pants. Another option for a more informal outfit is to wear the shirt open over a t-shirt or under a sweater.

Zupiter men's shirt with short sleeves Aatise

The Zupiter linen shirt is the quintessential eco-conscious garment for the hottest days of the year. With its short sleeves, it is an essential piece for a sustainable summer. A chest pocket, French collar, mother-of-pearl buttons and button placket make this shirt incomparable as a classic.  

How to wear the short sleeve shirt made locally and on demand?

For some men, it is still difficult to wear a short sleeve shirt. But worn correctly, it combines casualness with elegance.

The colorful short sleeve shirt can be worn with shorts or chinos in bright shades of white or beige. The goal is to create a nice contrast between the neutral, solid color bottom and the colorful top.

However, wearing a short-sleeved shirt does not prevent you from creating a chic yet casual outfit.

Pair suit pants or dark pants (navy, gray, khaki) with a white linen shirt for a casual look.

The materials of our sustainable men's shirts

Our shirts are made in France from eco-friendly materials such as linen or plain or printed Ecovero.


France is one of the largest producers of linen. This natural fiber does not require fertilizers or pesticides and its cultivation uses very little water. (See our article on the cultivation of flax). It is also a fiber with many positive properties: it is antibacterial, anti-allergic and temperature balancing.

Ecovero Lenzing:

Viscose is a synthetic fiber produced with the help of wood pulp and solvents. It is a low environmental impact fabric that is environmentally friendly, durable and breathable. The production of the product in Ecovero is traceable and transparent.

Men's shirt collar types:

- French collar:

The French collar, which always stands for the highest elegance, is characterized by less open points. This collar is perfectly worn with a tie. For rounder faces or a short neck, this is the ideal collar!

- The Officer's Collar:

Inspired by the collars of officers' jackets, it allows for a casual style. It is worn both in summer and winter and is characterized by a simple collar base without turn-ups, closed with a button.

- The Cuban Collar:

Made famous by the King of Rock and Roll Elvis Presley, the Cuban collar is very open and has no button. Shirts with a Cuban collar are the most comfortable summer shirts because they are wide cut and offer a cool, comfortable wear. The openness of the collar makes faces look longer.

How to wear and combine the different colors of shirts?

- The pink linen shirt: Bermuda shorts or beige chinos.

- The white linen shirt should be worn with khaki linen pants, jeans or navy blue pants. In summer, combine it with shorts made of grik linen.

- Black linen shirt should be worn with khaki linen pants or olive green chinos to avoid strong contrasts.

The different cuts of our men's shirts

Straight cut:

In this type of shirt, the sides are straight or slightly rounded and do not follow the shape of the torso. This classic model is suitable for all body shapes.

Slim Fit:

These shirts are very similar to the straight cut, but have two darts in the back for a tighter fit. Is suitable for more slender body types.

Boxy Cut:

The boxy cut is often used with Cuban collar shirts and is shorter.