Men's trousers and shorts on request in sustainable linen fabric

Men's trousers and shorts on request in sustainable linen fabric

Eco-friendly pants and shorts the must-have for the men's wardrobe.  

Linen pants: a must for the man!

Zanzibar linen pants

Zanzibar is our straight cut linen pants for men. It is made of 100% and is manufactured in our atelier in Bordeaux. The two pockets and the semi-high waist make them the quintessential virtuous summer pants.

In addition, these pants are lightweight and soft to the touch. It contains 1% Lycra for a comfortable fit that suits all body types.

How to wear the linen pants?

The advantage of linen is that it can be worn all year round and for any occasion. Here are our tips for wearing our Zanzibar pants :

For a casual look, choose khaki or beige linen pants in combination with a printed t-shirt. Pair the look with sneakers or sandals for summer.

This is the perfect piece of clothing for an evening out or special occasions. For this we recommend you to choose slightly darker colors like navy or gray and combine it with a shirt made of the same fabric. For colder nights you can also add a jacket or a blazer. To complete the outfit, don't forget the shoes. Black or brown derbies are a good option for an elegant look.

Shorts made in France from natural materials .

Shorts made of linen are very versatile. They are very popular in spring and summer as they make the heat more bearable. They are known as more informal garments, but that doesn't mean they are only for the beach or the pool. They are also the perfect garment for outings with girlfriends, informal gatherings or just a summer day.

Ziggy shorts made of linen

Lightweight and comfortable, Ziggy is the linen Bermuda shorts that will dress you up every day. With its straight 5-pocket cut, it fits all body shapes. You can customize them with all possible shades of 100% linen. 

Combine the shorts for men in an environmentally conscious way.

The advantage of linen shorts is that they are very easy to combine. It all depends on what style you want to wear. You will get a casual, beach or semi-formal look.

For spring, opt for a total linen look: a jacket, a shirt and the Ziggy linen shorts! A pair of dark brown suede espadrilles are a perfect option to complete the outfit.

For an everyday outfit, pair the shorts with a crew neck t-shirt. You can also add an open long sleeve shirt for a casual look.

As for the shoes, there are many different types that can be combined with the linen shorts. Moccasins or boat shoes will give you an elegant and fresh style. On hot summer days, opt for espadrilles and sandals.

Linen: The material that is kind to the environment and your skin.

It's no secret that we at Aatise love this virtuous fabric. Contrary to popular belief, linen feels very soft and is comfortable to wear. It is a very durable material that lasts a long time. Its Ökotex certified dyeing is gentle on your health and skin. Moreover, linen pieces are anti-odor thanks to its antifungal properties. It is also temperature regulating, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter.

So are you convinced?

Personalize according to your taste

Thanks to our personalization course, you can choose the size and color you want for your pants or shorts in eco-friendly linen made in France.

There is a wide range of colors: khaki black, grik, taupe, pink, orange for the most daring and white for summer. The choice is yours!

Inclusivity is a core part of Aatise's DNA, our pants and shorts range from size 28 to 36.

Manufacturing on demand

On-demand manufacturing produces only the garments that are needed. This avoids inventory and producing large quantities that are never sold. At Aatise, quality comes before quantity.