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Photo équipe Aatise acceuil

Who is behind Team Aatise?

Two Eco Fashion Activists who have challenged themselves to offer ethical, sustainable and beautiful clothing. It all starts with a shared passion for fashion. Since childhood, this universe has been animating us and inspiring our imagination. Surrounded by our mothers and grandmothers who sewed themselves, we sailed between the scraps of cloth, the threads and the needles and imagined the clothes we would wear, once grown up. Creations that would tell something about us and our aspirations.

As adults, our love for beautiful outfits remained fully intact. But dealing with beauty and fashion has brought new and more concrete challenges.

How can you continue to wear clothing that suits us, but whose production behind the scenes does not meet our values?

How do we live our passion for fashion without slandering our commitment to an environmentally responsible world and respecting local know-how? We thought about the child in us who wanted to make beautiful clothes. We told him about today's fashion, their drifts to abundance and their contradictions. T

his child asked if that meant she had to stop dreaming and we did not have the heart to say yes. Instead, we told him: better than that, we will find a solution. In order not to disappoint this child, we have founded Aatise.

For her and for all those who have remained big children, and who do not want to give up their dreams!

Heide Baumann

Author of the Aatise project, I have been working in the fashion world for more than 30 years as a trained textile engineer. When I realized that everything in this industry could not go away as it had been for 20 years, I decided to do everything I could to create and offer fashion creations and clothing that met up my values. I like nothing more than the challenges it brings.

My main character feature: pugnace

The country in which I want to live: I got stuck in Bordeaux in France, and would not want to live somewhere else

My favorite flower: the rose

The natural gift that I would like to have: fly,to gain altitude and be free

My motto: They did not know it was impossible, so they did it.

Julia Schena

Dedicated digital native, with mania for details, sometimes talking too much, I dedicate an infinite passion for communication and stylish vintage clothes that have a story. With my childlike soul, I joined Heide in her adventure, an adventure that is far less crazy than it seems to be.

My character main feature: the passion, passion (with a big P)

My favorite flower: the peony

The natural gift that I would like to have : To be Perfect in every way, like Mary Poppins

My motto: We must be happy, if only to show the example (Prevert)