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Mascarf, Mask and Scarf in one - 16

Mascarf, Mask and Scarf in one Viscose

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Winter is coming, and COVID 19 is still among us... You never left home and forgot your mask and then had to go back? We did!

So, we thought, let's do two things at once: you stay protected while you keep your style with the macharpe! 2 in 1: Maschal protects your face and neck!

100% Viscose they are made from the fabric remnants of our dresses: Nice waste assessment!

Length of the whole scarf: 1.80m.

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Cleaning at 30°C inside out, preferably with a gentle program with low spin to avoid creases. No bleaching. No tumble dryer as it may shrink the material, air drying is recommended. Iron over low heat 1 point (110°), iron damp, use a damp cloth. No dry cleaning. For stains, use "Vanish" bar or similar".

To keep your Viscose piece looking its best, wash it with a delicate soap in a net to prevent it from getting damaged.

Not harmful to the skin

Certified skin-friendly Ökotex printing


Viscose is soft and pleasant to wear


Viscose is breathable and allows moisture to pass through


Viscose absorbs perspiration and keeps your skin dry


Viscose is very fluid but can wrinkle depending on its structure or weight.

Our pre-order system limits stocks and therefore waste throughout the manufacturing process.

Reduction of pollution

Viscose fabric means that no synthetic materials based on mineral oil are used, which are extremely harmful to the environment. Viscose degrades easily and therefore does not pollute soil or oceans.


Viscose is biodegradable, cotton seams do not leave any "micro plastic" in nature. For this reason we do not use synthetic fibre (polyester) iron-on tape to reinforce collars, wrists bands etc.


CO2 friendly

Local supply with a positive CO2 balance.

Made in France

Fair and socially responsible


Print certified ökotex

Workshop :

Prototyping and manufacturing made In Bordeaux (France)