Aatise, or the transition from crowdfunding to crowdFashion

As you may have noticed, in recent years, the term "crowdfunding" has spread like wildfire in the world of entrepreneurship and on social networks. You may have already found yourself in a conversation about this subject, without knowing where to place yourself.

So for those of you who don't know what it is yet, let's go for a discovery article! In Molière's language, crowdfunding means "participatory financing": it is a collaborative financing process, where a project leader invites individuals and/or professionals to participate in its initiative to finance it in exchange for benefits, contributions, or statutes.


At the origin of the Aatise project, there is the idea of applying this collaborative model to fashion. This is called Participatory Mode.

CrowdFashion is thus the system of a collaborative fashion that we realize together, with you thanks to the co-design, and to the co-manufacturing by preorder !


It's pretty simple, and something tells us you should like it!

With Team Aatise, we imagine a garment that we like, inspires us... To help us in the design of the piece, we present it to you on social networks and choose with you its print, its shape, its sleeve length for example. This is called co-design, or if you prefer, co-creation. Once we have gathered your opinion, we will carry it out. The sequel takes place on our website, where you have the opportunity to vote, again, for a play. If the latter receives a certain number of votes, it will be produced.

It is at this stage of production that the actual participatory fundraising campaign is involved. On our website, we invite you to pre-order your parts before they even exist: we manufacture them especially FOR YOU and only for you! How is it going? If we reach our manufacturing threshold, defined with our workshops in France, we start the production of the garment. If we do not reach our goal at the end of the campaign, we consider that it is not necessary to manufacture this product and therefore pay back the money invested by the participants.

You will have understood that you are masters of your future clothes and together, we are working to create a fashion that looks like you and that you will love - for real. It is thanks to this proximity and to your opinion that we are entering together into the world of co-design.

The CrowdFashion allows you to create pieces precisely adapted to your needs and desires, all with the quality of made in France and in sizes ranging from XXS or 3XL.

Have you read our latest article on the perception of sizes in our society?! This system also helps to reduce the phenomenon of overconsumption driven by Fast Fashion, to the benefit of an ethical and sustainable fashion that does good. In a word: Slow Fashion. (We expect an article on the subject very soon!)

You all know now about this brand new vision of Fashion: a zero waste Fashion, a fashion in limited series, a personalized Fashion and above all, an ethical and sustainable fashion that we love to love! From creation to design, Aatise has chosen to consult you, to listen to you, but above all to correspond with you to build with you the clothes of tomorrow.

Seduced?! Join HERE the pre-order companions in progress.

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