Aatise Is ... (A) Atypic , (A) Authentic, (A) Affranchie – “Freed”

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Atypical, Authentic, Affranchie - "unbound"… What do these 3 adjectives have in common ? The «A» in Aatise, of course !

THE fashion brand that allows you to choose original, on-demand clothing.

THE French brand that offers unique creations conceived by enthusiast fashion designers, utilising beautiful materials.

THE brand that believes you can be pretty and stylish, all the while making ethical consumer choices for your clothes!

The "A" of Aatise is also that of the women who inspired its creation...

The Atypical:

Because wearing the same clothes as most of her friends is not necessarily what a woman wants, Aatise designs its own clothes , produces them in limited series and in all sizes.

The designs are chosen carefully, always considering the opinion of our community members and the collections are updated on a regular basis.

To act on one’s desire for originality is possible with Aatise!

The Authentic:

Not only authentic in their way of being, but also in their way of living. To be obliged neither to follow the dictates of ultra-standardized sizes, nor to use a production mode that damages both the quality of the clothes as well as the environment: who doesn’t dream of this?

What if the dream were to become reality?

By making our garments on demand and in France, choosing ecologically responsible materials and dyes, plus offering a wide range of sizes, Aatise offers a real alternative to standardized production methods.

Les Affranchies “the unbound”:

Why should you have to choose between fashion and quality? Between fashion and price? Between fashion and ecology? Aatise is, above all, a label at the service of the beauty of women and fashion that reinvents itself just as they do!

Now that you know what is behind Aatise’s "A", you have only to contribute to making it a success so why not support your favourite brand by participating in the creation of the very first Aatise T-shirt !

How? It's simple, you just have to vote on our Facebook page for your favourite entry by clicking "here"!

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