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The Aatisers : This is the name given to a group of committed fashionistas who have decided to break new ground in the way the fashion world works.

Aatise is the story of its founder, Heide Baumann: a fashion professional, who worked in the ready-made fashion business for years and grew weary of the fact that mountains of clothes are produced at low costs on the other side of the world, just to end up in the garbage pile if left unsold.

Then, one day, Heide crossed paths with Julia Schena, a young fashionista who was as concerned as she was about the many excesses of this sector.

And so, the two women decided to turn their backs on the old way of production and marketing… but luckily, not on fashion itself !!

So, in order to free ourselves from current globalized production methods and consumption patterns, we, the founders of Aatise, from the very beginning of the brand, actually took a risk: we decided that we would build a community of women with the same values and demands as we have.

We decided we wanted to have the capacity to choose the clothing models you really want to wear, to buy original, perhaps even unusual dresses, to promote a know-how that guarantees the best quality, responsible production an natural materials, and, above all, to eliminate the stock of unsold products: this is the best thing we could do !

And so, the Aatisers were born!

A group of fashionistas proving that you can dress fashionably and, at the same time, choose ethical shopping practices.

This is a group that you can join now, on Facebook, via the page "Team Aatise" and through the subscription to our newsletter!

Being an Aatiser means, for example, participating in our collections and taking part in the crowdfunding campaigns that make it possible for us to produce the models for which you have voted. It also means that by subscribing to our newsletter, you will benefit from the advantages available exclusively to our followers because without you, our beautiful ideas could never become reality. Here are some of the advantages:

Invitations to Aatise evenings, creative workshops, sneak-peaks into our upcoming campaigns and many of other surprises that will reward your loyalty and support for the building of our Aatise community!

So, we hope to see you soon, and would be delighted if you would support us by sharing this article !!

Many Thanks !!

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