An Eco-friendly Wedding Dress, Yes We Can !

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An Eco-friendly Wedding Dress, Yes We Can !

Linen is a sustainable fibre that does not use chemicals. It is also local because France is the world's leading producer of linen! We like to value our craftsmen and our French know-how!

In addition to its benefits on the environment Linen also has its benefits on the skin since it is thermo-regulating (no problems of excessive perspiration or discomfort on the dance floor), it is also anti-bacterial and super resistant (to wear again and again). 

At Aatise we love linen and the clothes we make from it are completely biodegradable, thanks to its 100% environmentally friendly production. We sew with cotton thread and do not use polyester interlining:

It's beautiful, it's sustainable, it's zero waste!

A unique dress for a unique woman!

The Linen dress combines the comfort of Linen with the elegance of a flowing dress that adapts to all morphologies.

Who doesn't dream of a wedding dress that fits perfectly? 

Thanks to our personalization , we invite you to personalize your wedding dress according to your desires, your mood, your morphology. You choose the shape, the length, the sleeves to create your unique dress. 

And that's also the magic of a wedding dress: make it your own. 

Don't worry, we've also thought of the others! 

Because comfort and Made In France is not exclusively reserved for the bride (we think about all of us), our dresses are adaptable for all situations and events!

No need to attend a wedding to afford a beautiful linen dress, it is also ideal for a casual everyday look but also for more formal evening wear.

Our little tips for an eco-responsible wedding:

The Location: choose a location close to the ceremony to limit car journeys and encourage carpooling! Long live the bride and groom on bikes!

The Caterer: Prefer local and seasonal products for your menu, it's better for the local economy and local producers. We can't say it often enough, but keep plastic bottles and utensils away to preserve our oceans. Think about Champagne, it's local and in glass bottles ;)

Decoration: Invitations with recycled paper is good, with eco-responsible printing is even better! The alternative of dried flowers to limit the overproduction of cut flowers (a little crush for the pretty compositions of @lebci.floriste)

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