Choose, vote, seduce ... Aatise !

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Choose, Vote, Seduce… Aatise ! No, fashion is certainly not dead! In contrast to the stereotypical collections of major brands, whose clothes look almost identical, Aatise is the label that places women at the center of this beautiful profession. Namely, our women are the focus of the creation of individual garments, together with a commitment to fulfilling their fashion desires and adhering to a great sense of style.

You’ve heard of crowdfunding, haven’t you? Of course you have! This collaborative financing technique, consists of choosing a project from an internet platform and voting for it to be made a reality by making donations...

That's it. Did you manage to follow?

Well, with Aatise, you will discover that the crowdfunding principle is applied to fashion!

Yes ! That’s right, in our online shop it is the customers who decide whether a garment will be produced or not...

Still don’t see how it works?

Well, it's very simple really! Let’s break down the procedure into 3 steps:

# 1 Go to the 'Shop’ section and choose the model of clothing you like from among our “ultra chic” and 100% original creations!

-> Go to our product proposals

# 2 Once you have selected the model and the appropriate size (from XXS to 3XL depending on the style), click the button next to the selected garment!

participate in pre-orders

# 3 Because Aatise garments are garments that are made especially for you and are not to be thrown away, if a garment is not purchased, we reset the counters. We’ll just have to wait until the minimum number of votes is reached in a future campaign, so that your vote turns into an order and your clothes will be produced.

Nothing should stop you from motivating your network of friends to ensure that your garment is manufactured by sharing your favourite piece with other Aatisers, so that "your" garment will get the most votes and hence definitely be manufactured.

Choose, vote ... and seduce! Quite simple, right?

So, if you feel that it is part of your lifestyle to be both fashionable and responsible, come and join our community by signing up for the newsletter below:

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