Environment and e-commerce: the complex equation of the shopping/carbon footprint ratio.

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Many articles testify to this fact : Fast Fashion, mass consumption, or overconsumption, are synonymous with abusive consumption that is destructive to the environment.

Nowadays, we can’t ignore that our consumption patterns have known a radical change over the last few years , particularly with the emergence of the internet, the multiplication of online sales sites that have become indispensable for all brands wishing to make their products known.

Currently, ordering online is an everyday habit. Practical, simple, quick : from now on we don’t have to go out to be sure of getting bargains without risk thanks to return and exchange policies. We have to admit, from now on shopping from the couch has become the perfect Sunday night activity for many of us!

But, have you ever thought about all the consequences?

Here is an article that will tell you more about the environmental consequences of online commerce and physical purchasing.

When we think about it, we might first think that buying online it’s a good way to reduce energy consumption because it limits transports. Indeed, when you buy something in a shop, there are two trips : the one from the warehouse to the store and that of all buyers with their own means of transport to access the said store. But when you buy something online, there is only one delivery.

So, we want to answer : yes, e-commerce is good for the well-being of our planet… However, things are not so simple and this statement needs to be qualified.

First of all, because when you buy online, you also have delivery with packaging to secure purchases, and that contributes to pollution.

Next, because the issue of transport and its carbon footprint is a bigger problem than it seems. According to the results of a study by the Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity Transition, between 1990 and 2007, the carbon footprint per person increased by 5%.

And for good reason! The stocks of the largest online sales sites are often located abroad! This means that transport is even more polluting (airplanes, trucks...) than in-store shipments and that journeys can be very long since deliveries are made worldwide! Don't make hasty judgments: we all do it. You have to admit, it's practical and not very tiring. However, it is important to be aware that a simple trip online is not without consequence and far from following a sustainable fashion model.


*We produce our clothes in France and we ensure that our raw materials come from France and as far away as nearest possible in Europe, which allows the reduction of transport and carbon footprint

*To send you your packages, we have chosen packaging that respects the environment, like cardboard or paper, and reuse certain packaging elements several times to recycle them

*We invite you to be very vigilant when purchasing your garment on our site so you don’t have to return the item and contact us if you have the slightest doubt!

Size guide, personalized advice, special touch-ups... we are here to make sure that you will enjoy your new Aatise garment for a long time, without giving in to the call of compulsive buying that you will regret a few days later… We tell you all this, not in order to push you to cancel your next shopping trip: we simply encourage you to pedal in all conscience towards one of our points of sale in France or towards the nearest pick up delivery point!

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