Ethical Fashion - the 10 commandments

Posted By: Julia Schena In: Sustainable Fashion

You join Slow Fashion, but don't know how to put it all into practice? Don’t panic! Here’s the list of our “10 Commandments” to become an outstanding Aatiser!

1- The clothes you will co-fabricate!

The production of a garment depends on the number of votes received: if enough people participate and pre-order, we launch production. We only produce what is necessary out of respect for those who make the fashion. No stock and no waste thanks to co-manufacturing! This is our style. #Nowaste

2- Natural materials you will favour!

Today’s collections are full of synthetic materials with barbaric names. At Aatise, we prefer eco-conception. This means that we use biodegradable or recyclable natural fibres as much as possible.

3- Less bu better you will buy!

Buying better also means choosing timeless items that suit you best: those wardrobe items you really love. Why buy more and more, if the style doesn’t even suit you ?

Besides, did you know that we only wear 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time? Doesn’t that make you think?

4- You will never throw away!

Many alternatives are available today to avoid throwing away your clothes: barter, donation, recycling, resale, etc. The internet is full of platforms allowing you to get in touch with people who share the same philosophy as you. Be creative!

5- ... Or you can compost!

Yes, you read it right: your clothes, from Aatise, can be composted at the end of their life-cycle, as long as they are made exclusively of  biodegradable, natural fibres. Therefore, it is quite possible to put them in compost at the end of their life after having cut them into small pieces.

6- Your originality you will impose!

To say that one adheres to Slow Fashion does not mean that you do not love Fashion: quite the contrary! In is precisely because we love it that we want to change it for the better. We want to make fashion more reasonable to live it better.

7- Your garment Made in France ardently you will desire!

What's the rush? What could be more pleasant than to receive a product that we have hoped for, wished for, waited for and above all manufactured just for you! At Aatise, we take this opportunity to present you the know-how of our French workshops.

8- You will connect and transparency you will demand!

It is well known that a group is much stronger than an individual and that, in groups, we can have much more influence.

At Aatise, we invite our community in our dedicated Facebook group, to choose with us the design of the future pieces proposed on the site (choice of materials, prints and cuts). Come and join us!

9- With parsimony you will wash!

To last, a garment should be protected from repetitive washings, too violent drying, and aggressive detergents. Many natural fibres have self-cleaning properties and reduce energy consumption. Be sure to read the care instructions carefully!

10- For love, Fashion you will change and the Planet you will preserve!

If we want to transform the world together, it will take a lot of perseverance, kindness and solidarity in this adventure. Because yes! Without love, nothing is possible!

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