Fashion mais pas Victime

Posted By: Heide Baumann In: Trends

Fashion, but not a victim ! Fashion Victim? Where does the idea come from that fashion turns us into victims? Can fashion not just be a pleasure? To feel pretty or even beautiful? To express personality, uniqueness – and even to express values!

Fashion, yes, but not a Fashion Victim

At Aatise, we are convinced of one thing: Fashion trends come and go before they have even had a chance to be created!

But at what price?

In imagining our brand, we knew it was very important for us to free ourselves from current globalized production methods in order to return to the “work of art” .Fashion and everything that goes along with it!

Creativity first, with extraordinary clothing models like the ''Zalaia" dress, thought up by our design team and available in all sizes, from XXS to 4XL !

The Know-how, with clothes made in French workshops carefully chosen by us and a selection of quality materials such as linen, lyocell, wool…

Ethical and unique, by manufacturing our models on demand and in limited series, to avoid stock and waste. Or by using natural dyes with exceptional rendering.

Because we are convinced that we can have the same attitude toward what we wear as what we eat, Aatise gives seductive, committed and independent women the opportunity to buy fashion that suits them and is in line with their values.


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