FASHION REVOLUTION 2018 - Ethical and sustainable fashion is coming !

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Fashion is an art of living whose influence has crossed the ages. This Fashion has been appropriated by each generation to reflect its aspirations and values. So, necessarily since time, trends have evolved and transformed. Just like our relationship to clothing…

Whereas before completing our wardrobe was an occasional and thoughtful act, our consumption rate has accelerated. Today is the reign of Fast Fashion! This era of disposable clothing where compulsive shopping has never been so uncomplicated.

In this fast-paced consumer society, the production of clothes with programmed obsolescence has disastrous consequences for our planet and for those who make fashion. A phenomenon that drives people like Carry Somers, like you or Team Aatise, to take concrete action to shake up these codes and give fashion back its panache. This is particularly the case with the Fashion Revolution.

For those who have missed out on this movement, we will explain why and how. In this article we have imagined some questions you might ask yourself about the Fashion Revolution.


At the origin of the creation of the Fashion Revolution there is a tragedy event: the collapse of the Rana Plaza, in Bangladesh on April 24, 2013. That name probably rings a bell. And for good reason! I'm sure you've heard of his dramatic record, as the collapse of the building, which housed international clothing workshops, resulted in the deaths of 1,133 people. This drama, relayed by the media around the world, highlighted the deplorable working conditions demonstrating, if it were necessary, that Fashion is more expensive than the big brands want us to believe.

It was in reaction to this infamous event that fashion pioneer and ethical Carry Somers launched the Fashion Revolution movement in England. Quickly joined by big names such as Orsola de Castro, creator of the label "From Somewhere", or Sarah Ditty, former editor-in-chief of "SOURCE intelligence", this striking fashion designer works actively with the Fash Rev to make fashion more fair and transparent.


The movement starts in 2014, with the commemoration of the drama during Fashion Revolution Day. Since then, the week of 24 April has been included in the list of speakers. Every year, the Fashion Revolution is materialized through events around the world, to remind everyone of the reality behind Fast Fashion and invites consumers to ask questions about their clothes to brands. There is only one watchword: transparency.

Find the list of events in Paris, Lille, Bordeaux, Lyon, Marseille, on Fashion Revolution France.

That's why the Fashion Revolution is also a hashtag in which you must take part. All you have to do is take a picture of yourself with the label on your clothes, making the brand visible, and post it on social networks with the hashtag: "#WhoMadeMyClothes" (in French: Who made my clothes) The ultimate goal? Ask brands together about their practices and encourage them to assume their responsibility.

This year again, designers and brands will also be taking the floor. Thanks to the "#Imadeyourclothes" hashtag, they present their manufacturing partners in all transparency and invite you to discover the history of your ethical clothing!


To begin with, the main idea is that YOU can change fashion to make it more sustainable and ethical. By showing your interest for the origin and the working conditions of those who make fashion, you will bring brands to reflect on these conditions and to take part in the movement in all transparency. As you (of course!) read in our article "How to Read Your Textile Label Properly", determining where a garment comes from is more like a Sherlock Holmes investigation.

The #WhoMadeMyClothes initiative encourages brands to be more transparent in their production methods. It gives them a place to express themselves to consumers in a caring but committed spirit!


To be a Revolutionary Fashion it is enough for you to commit yourself, to influence by your words or your acts. Sharpen your look, don't just think "do these clothes fit me? "but rather "Who makes my clothes and under what conditions? ».

It's your turn to use the hashtag "#WhoMadeMyClothes".

Since we're talking about it we're throwing you a little challenge: put on Instagram a picture of a spring room, that you've modified or found in a thrift store, for example. It's up to you to tag us with the hashtag #AatisecommeAactivist to hope to be rested in our Instagram story from April 23rd.

What about Aatise?

Aatise takes full part in the Fashion Revolution by being transparent on the manufacturing processes and the origin of our raw materials. As we develop the brand, we do our best to make maximum use of eco-friendly fabrics. This is particularly the case for the gradual transition from Viscose to Lyocell.

This takes time but we try to do our best to offer alternatives on a daily basis.


We will be part of the long awaited event of the Vide Dressing, which will be held on April 28/29, in Darwin Bordeaux.

On the program :

- Ethical shopping

- A voice for sustainable fashion

- And many other surprises

We want to see a lot of you there!

Congratulations! You are now pros of the Fashion Revolution.

So: to your scissors, your old clothes or new designers, to make fashion more fair and ethical.

We're waiting for you on Instagram to share all this!

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