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25 green bloggers to follow to start changing the world!

The power of social networks is also the sharing of advice, initiatives and commitments in favour of the environment. And we're always happy to see that more and more profiles are aware of the world around us and talking about it! 


Our beloved Bordeaux girl who shares her minimalist daily lifestyle with her lover Julian! Her account is full of good initiatives, advice (and mostly good mood) for a more sustainable life!


The pretty blonde with a fully eco-friendly dressing room! You can ask her, she knows (almost) all the brands of clothes that are good for our planet (and for us).


Want to do your own green laundry? Find an alternative to your plastic toothbrush? Melanie finds all the green and eco-friendly alternatives for everyday consumer products!


She offers us a new version of fashion and beauty. Towards a more ethical and responsible consumption!


Elena, it's commitment! From women's right to protect the planet she is on all fronts! She is our warrior!


The Christina Cordula of made in France! This extreme makeover artist offers fashion and beauty advice with French, ethical, eco-responsible brands. In short, it's beautiful and good!


Camille or the queen of green DIY! She also makes us salivate with her plates full of local and seasonal products (and even vegan). In any case we're cracking.


Louise is our Positive Body reference. We love her way of approaching life and also fashion: Wearing what pleases us without any complex. She will soon launch her eco-responsible and inclusive lingerie brand... Stay tuned!


Coline is a good mood personified who gives ecological advice without fuss, without guilt! His sweet sin: second hand (AKA Vinted) 


Because there is no such thing as perfect consumption, it inspires us with its gentle but sure ecological transition! 


Yasmine is the simple daily life. She shares her little pieces of advice, green (or not) every day!


Mia is a young German girl who shares with us her advice and tips for a fair fashion and green life in all senses!


Alisson is a Colombian woman who lives in the Netherlands and shares her "conscious journey" with us every day through her blog and instagram!


Celina went on a slow world tour with her lover. Their bet: to go around the world without a plane. This adventure made us travel around the world in slow mode. Read more about these adventures on her blog.


Annabel has concocted an eco-friendly fashion directory with 25 brands. She is very committed and militant!


conscious living - vegan food - fair fashion are her watchwords! Need we say more? Her instagram and blog speak for themselves!


Deborah is Belgian and shares lots of tips on her blog dedicated to consumption and the environment. 


Manon is specialized in eco-responsible fashion. She has on her blog a buying guide and also quality articles to change the way to consume fashion.


Gabrielle or the slow life and responsible in all its splendor. We dream of her beautiful blonde hair and her idyllic living environment!


We love her simplicity and good spirit! All this mixed with his ecological conscience within everyone's reach! She's also on Youtube, a guaranteed relaxing moment! 


Her motto: "Ethics is the new chic". Always on the cutting edge of fashion and always green! If her look makes you jalous, she is also an eco-responsible fashion consultant!


Heloise is sweetness and well-being! If you're looking for beauty green advice, you'll find the answers to all your questions on her blog!


Real life without fuss with Mary! Actress and Model she manages to show us that everything is possible! Every little step makes a big différence.


As she says so well, she's moved to the green side of the force! As much on her plate as in her wardrobe!


Nina is a young Swiss woman who shares with us her love for traveling but also for the planet. Committed to the fight for women and the planet, she inspires us every day!

How about you? Who are your favorite influencers? 

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