Green is the new Black

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Last week of November means Black Friday.

What is Black Friday? The last Friday of November, popularized by Amazon, has become a tradition in the United States, just like Thanksgiving. On the day, most brands are launching the biggest sales  of the year.

This dark day for the planet blows up all the anti-ecological and anti-social indicators in less than 24 hours.

In a few figures, Black Friday represents:

- 58 billion dollars spent in the United States, which is the GDP of Lebanon.

- 1 million deliveries only in the Paris region.

- More than 80,000 transport trucks in the UK.

This over-consumption only reinforces addiction, waste, overproduction, pollution and makes us forget any awareness about purchasing choices. As a reminder, 4 million tonnes of textiles are thrown away in Europe every year.


You're getting to know us: this kind of "institution" is not part of our values or consumption patterns.

That's why at Aatise, we are gathering our strenghts in favour of the Green Friday: an ethical alternative in collaboration with the Envie network to react against this destructive logic. 

Since the beginning, we have defended a rational, sustainable, responsible, useful and responsible way of consumption as well as products with fair prices all year round.

On this Friday, Aatise is committed to donating 10% of its revenues to the collective Ethique Sur l'Étiquette, which promotes respect for human rights at work around the world and the recognition of consumers' right to information on the social quality of their purchases.

Let's raise our voices together! 

Participate on your side too: for the planet, buy wisely! 

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