How to have a Sustanaible Wedding

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How to have a Sustanaible Wedding

An eco-responsible wedding is first of all a wedding that respects the environment and in which the natural is favoured and the artificial is to be avoided. First of all, it is about defending the values you believe in.

Indeed, if you are looking to protect the environment, the wedding is the perfect moment for this since every detail is personalised by the couple in question. In addition, it is a good way to raise awareness among your guests.

The venue, caterer or dress will help reduce CO2 emissions, contribute to local trade and highlight Made In France.

The reception venue and decoration: an essential choice.

First of all, as far as the reception venue is concerned, several aspects must be taken into account: the decoration and the transportation of the guests.

Decoration plays an essential role in weddings. In order to make the ceremony more eco-responsible, several options can be considered.

Firstly, the most logical one is to use recycled materials such as glass bottles or wood, which can give the big day a very bohemian and natural look.

It is also important to use seasonal flowers to avoid long distance delivery of these in polluting transport.

Another option that you may not have thought of is to hire decoration and lighting materials. This will avoid wasting it and give it a second life.

You are also invited to encourage recycling during the celebration by putting buckets and bins that can be easily spotted by your guests.

In fact, it would be ideal to create a public transport system for your wedding: rent a bus that will avoid one polluting trip per guest.

Committed caterers.

As with the flowers, when it comes to catering, preference should be given to local or organic food, which also helps the local economy in these difficult times of sanitary crisis.

Ideally, products should be in season to avoid those that are artificial or from agriculture using pesticides.

Plastic is one of the most polluting elements, but above all the least bio-degradable. Therefore, avoid the use of containers and packaging made of this material.

The most important step: the choice of the wedding dress.

As mentioned before, every detail of the wedding can be personalised. And at Aatise, we invite you to create the dress of your dreams with our customisation course.

Our favourite option is the linen dress. Why? This sustainable fibre uses no chemicals in its manufacture.

In addition, France is the leading producer of linen, which makes this dress unique and Made In France.

Not to mention the benefits of linen on the skin, being a thermoregulatory and anti-bacterial fabric. Its lightness will allow you to enjoy and move from the beginning of the ceremony to the last dance of the evening.

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