Jour du dépassement

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Here we are, the famous Earth Overshoot Day 2020 is today, August 22nd, 36 degrees in Bordeaux.

What is the Earth Overshoot Day?

Every year, the NGO Global Footprint Network, tells us the day when we have consumed all the resources that the earth can produce in one year, that is to say when the ecological footprint exceeds the biocapacity of the planet.

From today we have used all the resources that the earth is capable of giving us each year, so we are going to draw from non-renewable resources in an irreversible way. 

To last until December humanity would need 1.6 planets to satisfy its needs. Personally at Aatise we don't have another Earth in our pocket...

And despite what one might think, the French are no better than others: according to the NGO WWF, if all humanity lived like a Frenchman, we would need 2.9 Earths. It's creepy...

Overshoot Day and the Covid 

Every year since the 1980s, the day of the overtaking has been getting earlier and earlier. However in 2020 the day of the overshoot has gained almost 1 month since last year (July 29th). Are we going in the right direction? Not really. Can we say thank you to the covid and the containment? Maybe we can.

It's true that the lockdown had an impact on this setback on the overtaking day. While the whole world is idling, pollution is (necessarily) decreasing. However, the good news is already over because it is not enough to make the effects last. Deconfinement and the return to "normal" life have only brought back our bad habits: over-consumption, over-exploitation, over-EVERYTHING! 

A real awareness is necessary so that the results are visible in the long term! 

Together everything is possible!

Our little eco-friendly gestures of daily life.

It is certain that at our level without the support of big industry and politics, there is little chance that consumption patterns will change. However, all actions are good to take!

- Ban cotton swabs, toothbrushes and all other plastic utensils that fit in our bathrooms.

- Ban plastic water bottles, it always spills in the bag, it smells bad, it doesn't keep cool and it's not nice! So we opt for an isothermal water bottle that lasts for a long time, that can be washed and we can enjoy it with nice patterns! 

- Consume Made in France and Sustainable! For fashion as well as for our meals we make the local craftsmen and producers live! It's better!

- Limit cars ride and we favour public transports, cycling and walking. It's perfect for a little improvised sports session. 

For a clean, sustainable and healthy planet! 

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