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Today there are a multitude of labels certifying the manufacture of clothes, the use or not of chemicals, the origin of the products, etc. etc. To name a few: Ökotex,Gots, Ecolabel EU, France Guarantee of origin...

All these organizations certify a product and not a brand, which makes the cost explode.

As a small company we don't have the possibility to certify all our finished products in each category (origin, fabric, eco-responsibility etc)...

But we have alternatives:

For Made in France:

We have submitted to the French Customs all the invoices of the components of our products so the Customs can give us a certificate of MADE IN FRANCE by category of products.

For Sustainability:

We choose our suppliers and manufacturers according to their products and their manufacturing methods (e.g. Lenzing for Lyocell and EcoVero).

So we would like to introduce you to 4 of our partners that we love!

1) SLOWEARE : The Label of Trust

Who are they? Eloise and Thomas are embarking on the adventure in 2017 in order to guide the consumer to a more sustainable wardrobe.  They bring us the answers to the questions we all ask ourselves about sustainable fashion, not only thanks to their label but also with investigative articles, brand recommendations, interviews with professionals,... It is the most selective label in fashion today!

Which brands to label? Their standards are very selective: only brands that are genuine, committed, with an ecological approach and have a positive impact on the environment and human beings. 

Their process: Each year the brands are rated on more than 250 points, such as social and environmental responsibility, their commitments, etc... If the brand fulfills the criteria, it is awarded the label and can benefit from advantages such as being introduced to other brands that share the same values. 

Their values: benevolence, trust and consistency guide them on a daily basis. They are committed to creating solid relationships with brands and consumers by transmitting messages that are caring, but also fair and transparent.

Their little extra: networking, the Eco Fashion Tours in Paris.

2) DREAM ACT : The Waking Dream

Kasako? A platform that features sustainable versions of everyday consumer products (we love it)!

Their selection criteria :Ethics, zero waste, natural, ecological, transparency are their watchwords.

The selection is made in 3 steps: an interview with the creator, a selection committee, and a self-assessment questionnaire that allows to question the entire production process and governance of the brand, in order to verify its eco-responsibility. They also called on an independent ethics committee made up of experts in the various fields of the social and solidarity economy to review the questionnaires they submitted to them. 

Their message: "We believe in proof by example, our team is motivated to change consumption patterns, and to always improve! Real passionate activists, we exchange every day as citizens as well as professionals on our own contradictions, our questions and our progress in responsible consumption. “

The little extra: the newsletter always full of tips and the committed blog 

3) THE GOOD GOODS : The Green Media

The project: Victoire and Thibault have created the 1st omni-channel media on eco-responsible, ethical and inclusive fashion. They introduce us to all the innovations and initiatives for a more sustainable lifestyle through a webmagazine, podcasts, videos, as well as a directory of committed brands and boutiques.

Which brands are presented? Brands that are committed to improving their social impact. "They must meet one or more of the following criteria: relocation (made in France, made in Europe), promotion of craftsmanship or know-how, environmental certification (organic or non-toxic, recycled, vegan), social contribution (fair trade, integration through employment), slow conception (pre-order, half-measure, small series/no overstocks, anti-sales policy) inclusiveness (in terms of gender and morphology), block-chain traceability". 

Their values: There is no such thing as perfect conception and perfect consumption, which is why they value all initiatives in favour of sustainable development in fashion. It's all about information, transparency and humility!

The little extra: the innovation articles 

4) ZEI : Positiv Impact Accelerator

What's that? Zei allows brands to analyse and improve their global CSR approach and they propose contacts to improve (e-mails, energy, recycling...).

Who can register, and how? All brands that have a positive environmental and societal impact! Their partners must also be in the same approach in order to keep consistency. Each brand informs about its actions such as the use of natural materials, plastic, CO2 emissions, recycling... Thanks to these indicators, Zei gives a score as well as a ranking by sector of activity. Our little victory: to be first in the "fashion, textile and luxury" ranking!

Their values: Positivity, transparency and benevolence. To make environmental responsibility fun, positive, accessible and guilt-free. Everyone can invest without fear or judgment. There's a first time for everything!

The little extra: their presentation and rankings are easily understandable.

Other players in the certification category:

Viji: the trusted third party rating system.

Clearfashion: the app that decrypts the clothes

Good on You: app from Australia. Attention: make the rating of what they find on the website of the brand on the internet. France is a risky country for them, so Aatise's rating is very bad :)

Moralscore: the commitment of the brands, their rating system is not known.

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