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Clothes made in France :Local Fashion

Let the man or woman who has never been annoyed with his or her clothing, which has barely been bought and is already good to throw away, raise his or her hand! That little thread that comes out of nowhere, that little hole that gets stuck to the first, or those bright colors that disappear in three strokes of the machine... it's as if it's become a habit. What if we told you that there is a criterion of quality that allows you to buy beautiful, and good almost closed eyes, while making the citizen who is in you speak? You guessed it, it is of course the French Fashion!

We can imagine that the quality and the price are the criteria you first take into account when buying clothes.

And since at Aatise we defend the local production and short circuit, we are ready to convince those who still hesitate.

When we talk about know-how and quality "à la française", we necessarily have to take a look at the manufacturers and the workshops. It is no secret that Made in France has a price. Because if foreign labour is cheaper outside France, working conditions are also clearly below those of our sweet France. So inevitably, the appeal of offshoring is strong for many companies that choose low-cost production and privilege their margins.

But at whose expense and what?

Nowadays, French industry has a hard time in the face of this agressive rivalry...

The consequences..:

- The job losses of thousands of men and women,

- Exploitation of employees abroad, often too young,

- The disappearance of French production units, and thus the loss of French know-how

Why don't we talk about you? On the consumer side, the era is one of change!

Over the past fifteen years or so, consumption of local products has risen sharply, demonstrating that awareness is gradually rising. The French thus express their desire for transparency, particularly with regard to food traceability, but not only. Consumers want to know what their clothes are made of and where they come from, so they directly ask brands to express themselves on social networks with the hashtag #whomademyclothes.

The birth of a new movement for a fashion that makes sense, that you love, and that you make yourself! This is evidenced by the increase in sewing machine sales in recent years as well as the "French Touch" trend that is on everyone's lips. And that, us, that speaks to us!

Let's summarize: Why should you buy French?

- To support local know-how and local employ,

- To defend the right to decent and ethical working conditions,

- To claim the style and quality "French touch" so coveted by foreigners!

And at Aatise, what do we think of French manufacturing? It's quite simple, Made In France is our sin! Already because favouring the local means minimizing the environmental impact of production. Yes your T-shirt will not have been around the world before arriving in your closet! Secondly, because we want to give meaning and love back to the act of buying. More than ever, dressing in French has become a committed act that speaks about us and our relationship with others!

Let's play a game... Do you know how many jobs are saved when you consume French?

Go to the " Empreinte Economique " website and calculate the impact of your purchases! You might be surprised...

Now you have the knowledge and the power, so SHOW IT!

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