No « S », no « M », no « L » … just me!

Posted By: Heide Baumann In: Trends

Imagine that there were only three shoe sizes for all women? How many of us would have to walk barefoot!??

Just the thought of such an idea and you can’t help but laugh!

Well, that’s exactly what the world of ready-to-wear fashion imposes on us! Three sizes to cover the whole market. Three sizes we have to fit into at any cost if we do not want to see a condescending little smile from the sales staff.

Three sizes that leave us to choose between two evils: either an empty shopping basket or a visit to a specialised “plus-sized” website.

Farewell little-round tummy! Bye-bye a-little-too-short legs! Adieu wide hips!

Fashion at a low price certainly does have a price: the uniformisation of style.

Sonny Turner* , a plus size model, caused a bit of a uproar when she sent photos to swimwear fashion brands from a changing room: we are fed up that you think all women come in the same size and body type and we no longer want to lose to fashion just because we have, at some point or another, something that is too big or too little! Period!

Even if fashion seems to become more and more uniform, women, are most definitely not !

This fact, too often neglected, is of great importance to us Aatisers. Not only do we offer a very wide range of sizes in all our clothing models, but we try our design on “real” women. Women no longer have to make a choice between whether they want to look good of feel comfortable!

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