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Presentation :

In both my professional and private life I am convinced that mentalities will not change if we continue to blame consumers (and professionals) and point the finger at everything they do wrong. I therefore have 2 golden rules: Good will and support for change. My attitude at POLLENS is that of the hummingbird fable: "If everyone does his or her part, our actions, no matter how small, will have positive effects on the environment, on our health, on the future of our children, but also on ourselves, by making us surpass ourselves!

Career path / Education :

After my studies in ecotoxicology and environmental chemistry and a master's degree in environmental management, I started my professional career at ATC (Association Toxicology and Chemistry). This association brings together the biggest names in French toxicology and toxicochemistry. I worked with experts in their field and continued my training in toxicochemistry (at the ATC) and environmental health agency (with lIFSEN et le WECF).

Why did you choose this training?

I have always had a certain sensitivity to environmental issues, but it was only with the discovery of toxicology and, in particular, the perfection of the human body (immune system, defense mechanisms, metabolism and elimination of toxic substances, etc.) that my passion for toxicology and ecotoxicology was awakened. My profession as an expert, consultant and awarenessraiser allows me to put my skills at the service of everyone and to respond to each problem individually!

Career opportunities :

My Master's degree in ecotoxicology and environmental chemistry can lead to careers in basic research or regulatory ecotoxicology or even as an ecotoxicology expert in a government agency such as ANSES, EFSA, etc.

What is your favourite Aatise article. What do you like best? I can't say that I have a favourite article at Aatise because I like them all (although I tend to go for the long dress Zody with 100% linen butterfly sleeves), but what I appreciate above all is the transparency of prices and the work involved in making quality products. The commitments and values carried by the brand! As far as toxicology is concerned, I don't have much to say, I was involved in the elaboration of Aatise's health and environment charter, and although there is no label on the clothing labels, Aatise shows commitment and seriousness in this matter! 

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