Sales in Fashion: Why we don't sell out our planet!

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We don't dump the planet


Why Aatise doesn't have sales today but a vide-dressing.

Today, july 15th 2020, you may have hoped to find on our website this perfect flower dress, or the French linen T-shirt you dreamed of, at a special price. Unfortunately, this is not the case, and for good reason. What is presented to us every year with "unbeatable prices" as a perfect offer, testifies to the excesses of over-consumption, which causes pollution and in the end is meaningless.

We have all seen these surreal scenes of consumers hunting for "bargains" after the shop door opening at -50% throwing themselves on those shoes. As if it were a rare product and a unique opportunity! And yet... Never before has the fashion industry produced so much as in recent years.

According to the Agency for the Environment and Energy Management (Adem), garment production doubled between 2000 and 2014, offering pieces with programmed obsolescence that, if they don't end up in the trash, remain in the closets. So in order to get rid of stocks and renew their collections, the fast fashion brands are relying on our unrestrained buying frenzy to empty the planned overstocks at so-called " favourable " prices.

But for whom does this have advantages?

The impact of this excessive consumption on the environment is enormous: waste of resources and energy, pollution of rivers and soils, especially through the excessive use of pesticides, greenhouse gas emissions, production of non-recyclable synthetic materials (and more polluting than natural materials), not to mention deteriorated working conditions, similar to modern slavery....

In a few years, the textile industry has become the second most harmful industry in the world after the oil industry. That makes one think.... It is our planet that we overexploit and demand more from it than it can offer, and this only to make garments presented as must haves with marketing strategies, but which we do not really need and which we will not wear more than five times on average.

That's why you won't find any sales here.

At Aatise we do not produce what is not necessary, and we do not raise our prices the rest of the time to make our sales, just as we do not manufacture our clothes on the other side of the world and do not use synthetic fibres if they are not recycled.

We prefer to explain to you the history of your garment in order to give it back its nobility. We manufacture it according to your needs and with you to be sure that you will wear it and love it for a long time. We value short production chains, local manufacturing and material sourcing as close as possible to us, without leaving Europe.

Our prices are fair all year round.

We offer fashion that makes sense, that respects the people who make it and the environment. Because we believe that the most sustainable garment is the one that is not made unnecessarily.


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