Spring vide dressing in Darwin

Posted By: Claire Martinez In: News about Aatise

In this beautiful spring season, refreshing your wardrobe is an essential step. Who doesn't have old clothes in their dressing room to sell or repair? Or just want something new? So gather all these clothes stored in bags for far too long, and go to the vide dressing to give them a second life.

The vide dressing in Darwin is the rendez-vous for fun & engaged fashion. On May 4-5, Darwin will host 85 second-hand stands and a corner of local designers with the eco-friendly and made in France Aatise brand.

Are you still hesitating? Here are 3 good reasons to participate in this vide dressing:

1) This is your chance to perhaps find the rare pearl! There will be for all tastes, and with a little patience you will find the item of your dreams.

2) No need to be bored: A DIY space, to repair or customize your clothes, a Beauty Spot to make you look beautiful anew, a fashion show, a food truck and lots of other activities will also be part of the event.

3) Participating to the vide dressing is a good thing for the environment!In addition to enjoying buying second-hand clothes, you reduce the amount of waste textiles!

This vide dressing is thus an opportunity to come and visit Darwin, and enjoy with friends or family!

Find the event on Darwin's Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/420497221846482/

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