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Posted By: Julia Schena In: Trends

You may have heard about the Coachella Music Festival, which takes place in California from April 12 to 21. It is considered to be one of the largest festivals in the United States and attracts audiences from all over the world every year.

But it's not necessary to fly to Palm Spring because Bordeaux already has all the prerequisites to fully enjoy the Coachella trend.

Coachella is above all music, parties and fashion: 3 points in which Bordeaux excels!

The town districts you should know in Bordeaux:

Saint Pierre, Victoire, les Chartrons and Bacalan are all lively and ideal places to go out with friends in Bordeaux. These districts are full of bars and there is something for everyone!

La Dame and L'Iboat are two restaurants, bars and clubs, all set up on boats. These two atypical places are perfect for drinking with friends, eating or even, for the most festive ones, to continue the evening in the club! Finally, you don't have to fly to enjoy good cocktails!

At Simone's and Mama Shelter you'll find a wide selection of cocktails, each as tasty as the one before. But how to dress?

The outfit/look to be adopted in the "Coachella style":

Besides its festive and musical side, Coachella is almost a fashion festival! Most of the participants come to dance with their best clothes, we even talk about the "Coachella style". But what is the Coachella style? The "Coachella style" is all about daring to use printed fabrics in pretty and chic bohemian models. The small flower dress is very popular, especially if it is accessoirized with a pretty belt and a cowboy hat!

Aatise offers pretty floral dresses in 100% viscose and made in France which will make you feel irresistible and fully fit in the Coachella trend! See here all our flowered dresses!

Shorts are also one of the highlights of the "Coachella style". Worn with a printed top, a pair of boots and your favourite accessories, they will be perfectly presented!

You have understood the Coachella trend is above all going out, having fun, but please, with style!

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