Sustainable Wardrobe Clear Out

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Sustainable Wardrobe Clear Out


As we said in our article We don't sell the planet, we explained why you'll never see a sale on Aatise. All our creations are at the right price. Our goal is to respect the planet but also the craftsmen. 

Our system of manufacturing on demand allows us not to overproduce. Each piece that goes into creation has already its owner. Remember this: The most durable clothing is the one we don't make for nothing.

But it's true that to take part in certain events, for marketplaces, for shops but also to make tests we produce some pieces that today remain without happy owner.

Without being able to "trade" our creations, which would go against our values, keeping these pieces at the bottom of our drawers is not the solution either. 

This is why we came up with the idea of the Sustainable Wardrobe Clear Out.

What you will find there

The Sustainable Wardrobe Clear Out will be directly available in a tab on the site menu. 

You will find dresses, skirts, tops, shirts, etc... which were hidden in our closets and which today deserve to be worn! The pieces are sometimes new (never been worn) and others could have been used during a show, photo shoots, etc... We make it a point of honour that all are, of course, in perfect condition. 

Be careful, as the name indicates, being a clear out, the pieces are in very limited stock and all sizes will not be available. Some modifications on the pieces will be possible. 

So don't wait any longer to shop for the outfit that you've been dreaming about for a few months now, it's time!

Otherwise our complete e-shop is still available :)

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