The benefits of eco-friendly fashion

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Being stylish and in harmony with your values is possible, and it goes through eco-friendly fashion! Opting for eco fashion means changing your habits, turning to new brands and new ways of consuming.

So as this change can be scary, let us explain the benefits of eco-friendly fashion to you:

- Less textile waste: As you know, we tend to consume a lot more clothes than necessary, and therefore throw away a lot of them. This permanent waste leads to a large amount of textile waste, which unfortunately is not always well digested by our beautiful planet.

- Support local work and its conditions: If you look closely at the labels on your clothes, you have necessarily already seen the famous "Made in China", as if France did not have the resources and talent to propose you beautiful clothes as well! And yet, France is the world's leading producer of flax (a natural and ecological fiber), so why consume flax produced in China? Favoring eco-friendly fashion also means promoting Made in France and good working conditions.

- Reduce pollution: The fashion and textile industry is the second most polluting industry in the world. You are familiar with polyester, acrylic or nylon, synthetic fibers often used to make your clothes. They all come from a highly polluting industry, petrochemistry (all technologies using oil or natural gas to produce synthetic chemical compounds). But it does not end here, the transport of the clothes once they are produced, and their burning once they are thrown away, are also sources of toxic emissions, particularly into the seas and oceans.

- Restore value to your clothes: By consuming so much clothes, they are no longer valued as they deserve (which is why they are so easily thrown away). While a well thought-out purchase, which tells a story, with high quality textile, and produced in good conditions, well, we no longer want to part with it! That's what it is like to give meaning to your textile consumption.

Finally, consuming eco-friendly fashion means consuming in a thoughtful way, without feeling guilty but without making any compromises on your style!

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