The top 3 arguments that will convince you to appreciate the Made in France!

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The French seem to be ready for change! A change in consumer habits with a growing interest in Made in France.

Are you one of the 21.8% of French people who have already bought a garment designed in 2017 for sustainable development? Or are you perhaps one of the 47.8% who buy or give away clothes that have already been worn? #teamfriperie. I

n any case, according to an IFM study, we are one of the 90% of French people who consider Made In France to be important for the future. This is why today we have prepared the Top 3 arguments that will definitely convince you of the importance of promoting environmental responsibility.

Top 1: For ecology!

Choosing Made In France means thinking about kilometres and the CO2 footprint. We told you in our last article that local production reduces the environmental impact! If your new T-shirt is "Made in China", you might as well say that it has Travelled for sure around the world without you. Did you know that a T-shirt goes around the world on average 1.5 times in its life? On the other hand, if your new T-shirt is from environmentally friendly fashion, you have plenty of time to discover the world with it. If we stick to the ecological argument, the preference for French manufacturing also means thinking about your health. French regulations for textile components are much stricter than abroad. From the point of view of "hygiene and health", we choose French.

Top 2: For the local economy and the social sector!

The preference of Made in France means preserving jobs. Ah! Didn't you think you played a role in the unemployment rate in France? Well, that is it. As you have understood, supporting local know-how also means preserving jobs. French jobs. Especially since local production makes it possible to promote short circuits and the growth of SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) in the craft sector. According to a recent study, 94% of French people choose Made In France to support French businesses. It is therefore up to us to decide on the future of French know-how!

Top 3 : For quality!

Choosing Made In France means choosing quality and not quantity. It's time to change the way you buy your clothes and, more precisely, to consume better. No more fast fashion and tons of clothes piled up in our closets! Make room for slow fashion and high quality and sustainable If you prefer to have your clothes manufactured in France , you're sure to keep them longer. You'll have beautiful, efficient and eco-friendly pieces. What more could you ask for? At Aatise, we believe that it is possible to wear beautiful, good and well-made clothes that do good without compromising style!

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