What is de-consumption in the Fashion Industry?

Posted By: Heide Baumann In: Sustainable Fashion

De-consumption or how to make textile consumption more meaningful without getting frustrated!

Deconsumption: This is a term that must frighten the most fashionable of you. And we understand you! It is not easy to stop consuming clothes when style is a passion for you. But before we reject everything altogether, let us explain how this word, a priori barbaric, gets a few nuances that will change your mind.

Let us first clarify one thing: What exactly is deconsumption?

It is a new concept which consists of reducing consumption or the 'consumption frenzy' in a more technical way. Well, we are already hearing your protest: No, it's not about consumerism, and no, the idea is not to live your whole life with the same panties and T-shirt. No, it's consumers' awareness of the increasing scarcity of non-renewable natural resources and their willingness to adapt their consumer habits to this situation.

Why and how can this concept be implemented?

Firstly, better consumption will enable you to live happier! It is very simple in the end, the reduction in consumption will make it possible to reduce expenditure and better balance the budget. We all dream of following the latest fashion trends without having to give up the next holiday to the end of the world.... But honestly, is this really possible? This is called "ecology". This stream of thoughts, which is about both ecology and saving money, makes it possible to reconcile the preservation of the future of our planet with your budget for a better equilibrium and at the same time maintain your standards of value. A concept which, as you will have understood, violates the mass consumer society and fast fashion in order to improve the economic situation of all people and at the same time contribute to environmental protection. Isn't there something for everyone? In short, just like a nutritional balance, consumption is a consumption balance that takes place in the interest of everyone's well-being. Consume better, consume smarter, consume less to ensure a real detox of consumption abuse. It is easy to follow this movement, you just have to change your daily practices. Do you have trouble knowing where to start?

Aatise gives you the following tips:

- Sort out what you no longer like or wear in your wardrobe. You have the opportunity to sell and donate these clothes that are lying uselessly around in your wardrobe!

- Think (carefully) before buying! Is that useful for me? Will I really wear it? Is it a good idea to buy these red shoes that only go with one of your clothes?

- Think of recycling, second hand, personalization: or how to develop your style at a lower cost. Besides, we can never repeat it enough, vintage is trendy! - Of course, and ultimately, consume wisely and rationally: prefer local products.

Not so complicated, right? At Aatise, we are experts in consumer behaviour, because for us style does not rhyme with quantity, but with quality. Our clothing is Made in France, recyclable and made of environmentally friendly and natural materials: you can rely on the durability of our parts. In addition, our clothes are timeless pieces, reworked classics. Simply stylish under all circumstances (we did it!).

You have now understood what deconsumption is and have some ideas to start now with useful products.

We hope that we have made you aware of your own responsibility and the future of our environment. It is up to you to join the ethical and sustainable fashion movement and make it creative by multiplying the combinations thanks to your conscious choice of clothes.

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