Your Aatise men morphology guide to better choose your clothes

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Why do you need to know your body type?

Your body type helps you to become aware of the shape of your figure and to learn how to enhance it (with which clothes, which cuts and which materials).

Each of us has a little flaw that we want to hide under layers and layers of clothes.

No more of that! Thanks to the knowledge of your morphology, you will know which clothes to choose to make you look your best!

Let's talk about the 6 main types of morphology that we know

According to the dictionary, morphology is "the study of the shape and external structure of living beings in the various biological sciences”.

Most fashion specialists classify men into 6 main types of morphology according to their figure.

The morphologies are due to your lifestyle, the way you eat, the sport you practice, etc. Your genetics also play a big part in this! It is important to note that every man is different and it is impossible to put them all in 6 boxes! Your body shape can change over time, depending on your physical activity or what you eat. Moreover, your body never looks exactly like the one next to it or another person with a similar morphology.

Although one body type may fit you in the broadest sense, we are often not just one body type but a mixture of many.

To you gentlemen!

And yes gentlemen, just like women, you can analyze your morphology to find what suits you best!

A Morphology

Just like women, it is possible for you to have an 'A' shape with a waist and hips that are slightly wider than the bust.

You can opt for:

- Flared trousers

- Tops like our Zumoi linen t-shirt.

H Morphology

It is also possible for you to have an "H" shape with shoulders that are the same size as your waist and hips.

For you :

- Semi-fitted garments

- Double slit jackets that will give you a slimmer silhouette.

Combine these tops with low-rise trousers.

TRAPEZE Morphology

Gentlemen, you can also have a 'trapezium' body shape. Quite similar to the "V" shape, you have slightly smaller hips than shoulders.

The best option for your trapezium shape is a close-fitting piece:

- Slim-fitting trousers.

- Thin jumpers.

- Fitted shirts.

V Morphology

The "V" morphology is characterized by shoulders that are much wider than your hips and waist.

If you have this morphology, here are our tips:

- On top, wear fitted shirts

- On the bottom, choose straight or semi-slim trousers.

OVAL Morphology

The "oval" body type is characterised by a belly and lower torso that is wider than the shoulders and waist.

If you are OVAL, here is a list of clothes for you:

- Trousers that are neither too wide nor too tight.

- Straight or semi-fitted cuts.

- Fitted shirts and jumpers that will enhance your shoulders.

However gentlemen, just like women, you are all unique and have your own particularities that make you unique.

The 3 body types

Have you often thought that you gain more weight or lose weight faster than the person next to you? Don't panic, it's perfectly normal, we all have different metabolisms.


If you are an ectomorph, you are thin and light-boned. You are slim and your metabolism is very fast and therefore you often have difficulty gaining weight.


You have well-defined muscles, often athletic and strong.

You have a fluctuating body, you lose and gain weight but also muscle easily.


This is characterised by a rather round body. You have, on the contrary, a slow metabolism. As far as muscle is concerned, you lose and gain muscle easily. However, you gain weight quickly and often have difficulty losing it.

How to dress?

Gentlemen, if you are an "H", opt for simple trousers and rather fitted tops. Boat necks, V-necks or shawl collars are perfect for you! If you are a "V" and/or "Trapezium"

For men, round collars are the way to go! If you are muscular, straight trousers and even slightly tighter trousers will suit you perfectly! Slim-fitting shirts and tee-shirts as well as short-sleeved polo shirts will make you look good.

« Oval » :

It's your turn, gentlemen! For you, it is advantageous to opt for a simple, straight cut of trousers and a more fitted top to highlight your shoulders.

For gentlemen with a more "A" shaped body, straight and slightly flared trousers will suit you perfectly! Opt for horizontal stripes at the top to slim your upper body and straight shirts that are pulled out of your trousers. Boat necks and V-necks will look great on you. Belts, on the other hand, will draw attention to your waistline.

This is a guide to finding your body type, understanding your body and choosing your clothes. And above all, remember, the main thing is to feel good in what you are wearing and to find the small particularities that make you not fit into a category!

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