Your Aatise morphology guide to better choose your clothes

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Which garment do you choose at Aatise according to your morphology?

Why is it useful to know your morphology?

Your morphology is useful to become aware of the shape of your silhouette and learn how to improve it (with what clothes, what cuts and what materials).

Each of us has a little flaw that we want to hide under layers and layers of clothes. No more of that! Thanks to the knowledge of your morphology, you will know what clothes to choose to beautify yourself!

According to the dictionary of the French language, morphology is "the study of the form and external structure of living things in the various biological sciences" (definition by Mr. Larousse).

Most fashion specialists classify women into 6 main types of morphology according to their silhouette. The morphologies are due to your lifestyle habits, the way you eat, the sports you play, etc. Your genetics also play a big role!

It is important to note that every woman is different and it is impossible to put them all in 6 pigeonholes !!!! Your morphology can change over time depending on your physical activity or what you eat. Also, your body never looks exactly like the one next to you or like another person with a similar morphology.

Even if a body shape generally suits you. We are often not just one morphology, but a mix of several.

Find your basic morphology, here's how to do it:

"A" Shape Morphology

The "A" shape is characterized by narrow shoulders and hips that are wider than your build. The "A" shape is very feminine. 

If you look similar to this A- morphology, do not panic!

You are not the only one! In fact, it is the most common morphology in Europe.

If you are "A", as for all morphologies, the goal is to equalize the silhouette. Straight and trapezoidal cuts will be your best friends.

You can also opt for :

- Straight pants,

- Dresses/skirts that are flared from the hips,

- The voluminous blouses and tops,

- Jackets with shoulder pads. Translated with 

V-shape morphology

With this morphology, your shoulders are wider than your hips and your waist is not very marked. This morphology guarantees you an athletic silhouette! your waist is not very marked. This morphology guarantees you an athletic silhouette!

Morphologie V Aatise

As for all morphologies, if you have a "big bust", you can opt for a plunging neckline.

The pantsuits, wrap dresses and straight cuts will be your best friends.

More generally, the clothes that show you off best are :

- Low-raise pants,

- The 7/8 pants,

- The mini skirts,

- The wrap dresses or tops,

- The suits.

Morphologie in O

Morphology in O If you have an "O" morphology, you are "round" and proud of it!

Attention, not all round women have an "O" shape. This morphology is characterized by a strong waist, often stronger than the hips and shoulders.

Morphologie 0 Femme

If you are "O" and/or "OVAL":

Contrary to what you think, you can wear anything, just wear it well!

Dresses are your most valuable asset. Generally, straight skirts look great on you when accompanied by, for example, a neckline or a long jacket!

The cuts that are best for you are:

- High-rise pants

- Medium length straight skirts,

- One-piece swimsuits,

- Coats ¾ long,

- V-necks.

Morphology in H

The "H" morphology is characterized by an unmarked waist. The shoulders are in the same alignment as the hips and the curves are not very visible....

Morphologie H Aatise

If you are "H."

Here is a small list of clothes you can wear if you have an "H" morphology:

- Straight dresses,

- Dresses with "empire waist",

- Low and mid-rise jeans,

- Straight cut coats,

- Suit jackets.

If you have a slightly "round" H-shape, you can choose a deep neckline and / or trapeze cut.

Morphology in 8

Morphology "8" is called the most " harmonic " silhouette. However, keep in mind that this all remains subjective! In this morphology, your hips and shoulders are in line and your waist is marked. Often you will have a voluptuous chest and a voluptuous posterior.

Morphology in X

You are the close cousin of the "8" morphology. However, you have a smaller chest and a less curved body. The "X" morphology is often very easy to dress!

If you have a "8" and/or "X" shape: we can say that "everything fits you".

However, some clothes and cuts are more suitable than others:

- High-rise jeans,

- Tight dresses,

- Flared skirts and dresses,

- Wide pants and combos,

- Belts around the waist,

- Wrap dresses.

More specifically, if you have a small bust, the tight top with a high waist below is made for you!

If you have a small tummy, for example, you can opt for a tight-fitting top to the waist and then flared.

Finally, if you have a slightly rounder "8" morphology, you can opt for pieces that structure your silhouette.

It's up to you girls!

When you find your morphology, you can choose your clothes and the cuts that will emphasize you and highlight the assets that you prefer in you! However, remember that each of us is different and the features are specific to each of us!

Maybe you have a larger chest, bigger legs or a more pronounced waist than the above morphologies. It's up to you to analyze your unique silhouette!

The 3 Morphotypes

Have you often told yourself that you gain more weight or, on the contrary, lose weight faster than the person next door? Don't panic, it's completely normal, we all have different metabolisms.


If you are an ectomorph, you tend to have thin, light bones. You are thin and your metabolism is very fast, so you often have trouble gaining weight.


You have well-defined muscles, often athletic and strong. Your body fluctuates, you lose and gain weight, but you also gain muscle.


It is characterized by a rather round body.

They have, on the contrary, a slow metabolism. As for muscles, you lose some and regain them easily. However, you gain weight quickly and often have difficulty losing it again. Morphologies are a tool to help us find the clothes that make us look at our best.

But be careful, it's not an absolute truth! If you like skinny jeans or balloon sleeves, you don't have to hold back! There is no truth about what fits or doesn't fit us. It's up to you to choose what you prefer so you feel your best in your clothes.

And above all, remember: the main thing is that you feel comfortable in what you wear.

And if possible, it also helps to wear eco-friendly and ethical clothes that have less impact on the environment, so that we feel even more comfortable in our clothes.

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