Privacy Policy Aatise

1) The Company associates great importance with the respect of privacy and takes all necessary measures to ensure the confidentiality and security of the personal data of The Client.

2) In the framework of supplying products, The Company gathers personal data from The Client and, more specifically, the following information:

-E-mail address

-First or Given Name

-Last or Family Name

-Mailing address

-Billing address

-Date of Birth



-Consumer data

3) To this end, the data processing of The Client’s information is declared with the CNIL under the number 20779224 v0, July 3, 2017.

4) The Company collects and treats the personal data of Clients for the following purposes: - Product supply on The Site - Order management - Return management, the exercising of the right to retract, payment, billing, etc. - Information about The Company, and its services and activities - Eventual responses to questions and reclamations made by The Client - Statistical development - Management of requests for rights of access, rectification and opposition - Management of delinquencies and litigation - Sending newsletters to Clients

5) The data related to the management of the personal information of The Client is retained solely for the length of time necessary as laid out in the French Data Protection Act as amended.

6) The personal data of The Client is processed by the commercial service of The Company as well as by the partner companies and subcontractors of The Company.

7) The Company can also disclose the personal data in cooperation with the authorities; both administrative and judicial.

8) The Company ensures that the personal data of The Client is secure in a manner adequate and appropriate and takes the necessary precautions in order to safeguard the security and the confidentiality of the data, especially in order to prevent the data from being misconstrued, damaged or communicated to unauthorized persons.

9) Obligations of The Client The Client acknowledges that the personal data divulged by them is valid, up to date and adequate; The Client commits to not infringe upon the privacy, the image or the protection of the personal data of any third party and hence, not to communicate to The Company the personal data of any third party without their express consent.

10) Pursuant to article number 2011-219 of February 25th, 2011 concerning the conversion and communication of data permitting for the identification of any person having contributed to the creation of content put on-line, The Client is informed that the host of The Site is under the obligation to conserve the following information for the duration of one year, beginning on the day that the content was created, for each operation contributing to the creation of content: - The identity of the connection that originated the communication;

- The identity assigned by the information technology system to the content which is the subject of the operation;

-The types of protocol used for the connection to the service and for the transfer of content;

-The nature of the operation;

-The date and time of the operation;

-The identity used by the author of the operation should it have been provided.

11) In the case of a termination of contract or a closure if an account, the host must still conserve the information provided for the subscription to a contract (an Order) or for the creation of an account, given by The Client, for one year from the day of the cancellation of the contract or closure of the account. This information is namely: -At the time of account creation: the identity of the connection;

-The family name and given name or the company name;

-The associated physical addresses;

- The pseudonyms used;

-The e-mail addresses or the associated account;

-The telephone number;

-The password as well as the data allowing for the verification or modification there of as stated in the latest and most updated version;

12) Each computer connected to the internet has an IP address. Once a client navigates The Site, The Company gathers the IP address of The Client in order to analyse The Site traffic and to control the activity of The Client on The Site in order to ensure that they do not partake in acts that might infringe upon the General Terms and Conditions of Sales as provided on The Site.

13 ) We are likely to include, on our site, third-party computer applications that allow you share the content from our site with other people or to make people aware of the content of our site. This is especially the case for the “Share” and “Like” buttons for social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. The social media network providing a “Share” or “Like” button is likely to identify you due to the simple presence of this button on our website: even if you did not use it. This type of button can allow a social network to follow your browsing on our site, just by the fact that your concerned social media account was open (active session) while you were browsing our website. If you do not want the social network concerned to link the information collected by the intermediary of our site to your account, you must disconnect from to social media network concerned before visiting our site. We do not have control over the processes put in place by the social media networks in order to collect information relative to your navigation on our site in association with the personal data of which they dispose. In order to find out more information regarding the privacy policy of the social media networks mentioned above, click on the name of the social media network of your choice:

Facebook –

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Instagram -

14 ) Finally, in accordance with the French Data Protection Act dated the 6th of January 1978, The Client has the right of access, verify, suppress as well as the right to object to, for valid reasons, the use of their data collected and processed by The Company by making direct contact with The Company at