Ecodesign: Natural materials and sustainable development

Eco designing your clothes means making a point of honor of respecting the environment.

It also means sustainable development by using natural resources and limiting chemicals.

Respecting the renewal rate, reuse and repair and recycling: these are the challenges that Aatise tries to meet on a daily basis.

Here are The 3 Rules That Guide Our Action

Rule 1 :

Above all we prefer the use of natural and sustainable materials:

Cellulose fibre mixed with recycled cotton in a closed circuit (water saving).

European resource

Fibre that does not require pesticides and uses little water.

Local resource

Fibre based on wood cellulose, with a more or less polluting transformation process.

Ökotex certified printing. European resource

Rule 2:

Maximum extension of product life and anticipation of textile waste disposal:

Without fastenings that are too harmful to the environment.

Preference for fabric fastenings and the elimination of plastic buttons.

By designing compostable and biodegradable clothing.

Cotton seams and no polyester seams to limit water pollution.

This is particularly the case for Linen Aatise T-shirts.

Without synthetic fibres.

Without the use of petrochemical materials (e.g. no polyester reinforcement).

Rule 3:

Reducing the environmental impact :

By favouring short supply chains with a positive carbon footprint.

Preference for French production with a positive CO2 balance.

Production in France and as close as possible to the individual participants in the production chain.

We use recycled cotton from the textile industry to make our trousers.

Let us work together to tackle the following problems:

Préserver la terre - Aatise

- The greenhouse effect

- Water pollution

- Soil pollution

- Air pollution

- Resource depletion

- Transport (from the creation to the delivery of the garment, including packaging)

- Unnecessary waste