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Ladies oversize coat Zaneta upcycled combed wool  - 1

Ladies oversize coat Zaneta upcycled combed wool

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Oversized coat Zaneta in upcycled combed wool. Wide fit, tailored collar, three-button closure, side seam pockets. Lined with upcycled viscose, making it a unique piece: Your jacket will not look like any other. Sizes XXS/XS, S/M, L/XL. Made to order. Made in France. Sewn with cotton threads. Only available on the internet.

100% Upcycled wool

Icon wash with cold waterIcon no chloreIcon flat dryIcon cold ironIcon no tumble dryer

Hand wash cold (or wool cycle if your machine is reliable). To keep your piece looking its best, wash it with a mild soap for delicate pieces.

Avoid sudden temperature changes between washing and drying or your piece may felts.

Hand spinning is highly recommended without fabric softener (as this is a protein fiber, fabric softener can have the opposite effect, giving your piece a rough feel and a felted appearance), or minimum spinning (400 rpm) in the washing machine.

Tumble drying is not allowed. Wool dries quickly: prefer to dry flat, without direct sunlight and far from heat sources (do not put on a radiator).

Do not dry clean, as the products used are too aggressive for wool and could damage your sweater.

Did you know that?
The premature detoriation of wool clothes is mainly caused by repeated cleaning without precautions (see above), with a too high temperature, and too much rubbing.

--> We also advise you to wash your piece only after a few uses.

If it absorbs odors, we recommend that you leave it in the fresh air for 48 hours, for example in a room with the window open.

And hop! An extra gesture for your purse and for the planet.

The choice of upcycled materials as a way to produce eco-friendly

Everything starts from the raw material for us: This fabric comes from dead stock fabrics, we have bought it in order to give a new life to them and to offer you a qualitative and responsible garment for the planet.

Therefore, the dead stocks come back to life and do good to the planet.

Icone upcycling


Bought on the Uptrade

Icon uptrade

platform, materials are brought back to life in a different form instead of ending up in landfills.

Icon waste reduction

Waste reduction

Our pre-order system limits stock and therefore waste throughout the manufacturing process.

Fabrics from dormant stocks save CO2 and water.


Icon biodegradable



 100% Wool - it is natural and biodegradable


Icon co2 friendly

CO2 friendly, local sourcing

Local sourcing (in Europe) with a reduced CO2 footprint.


Made in France

Fair and socially responsible

Icone fabrication

Workshop :

Prototyping and manufacturing made In Bordeaux (France)

Icone europe

Origin of Raw Material ?

The materials were sourced through Upcycling platforms:

Here it is Uptrade

Icone uptrade


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