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We think that the future of fashion will be collaborative.

We create clothing models that inspire us, you vote for their production, and we produce them in France especially for you.

Our collections come to life with respect for everyone, a high quality and a fair price.

We imagine unique and desirable clothes produced in limited series.

We are the first French collaborative ready-to-wear brand who dares launch such a movement.

So How Does It Work ?

With your help, we implement a process that regulates our offering to ensure that what is produced is strictly in line with demand.

To do this, we use the crowdfunding mechanism which is also known as “collaborative production” or “coproduction”.

We prove that it is possible to confess in style to responsible fashion! The principle is simple. On our website there are 3 ways to order:

Mode 1: Pre-order campaigns

This model invites the participants to vote for the "cofabrication" of their future clothing. When the minimum production threshold set by our partner workshops is reached, we start manufacturing. Otherwise, the money will be refunded and we will create new campaigns that meet better the expectations of our customers. That's Participatory Fashion: the ones we do together.

Availability: between 6 and 8 weeks

Mode 2: Pre-order Fabrics in stock

They do not exist yet, and yet these dresses are waiting for your order! The models in this mode exist only as a prototype, but we carefully store the available raw material. Your order will start the production only for you!

Availability: between 2 to 3 weeks

Mode 3: Pieces with limited stock

Sustainable clothing seeks to conquer new responsible wardrobe!

This mode will please the most impatient, it contains the items we have in stock. Those cans be exchange items, or clothes we have made in advance for an event. Do not wait too long, they are available in very limited edition!

Availability: In stock!

I have fallen in love with a garment! Can I be Sure that I will receive it?

We operate according to the "pre-order" system, or the "all-or-nothing" system.

This means that the production of the garment depends on the number of votes reached:

- if enough people participate and pre-order the same piece as you in the allotted time period , we launch production.

- if the campaign does not receive enough votes, the product will not be manufactured.

But , when do I pay then? Am I charged when I order?

When you pre-order a garment, we collect all the information needed to complete the order and collect your payment.

Once the campaign is over, and the goal is reached, everything happens as explained above.

If, however, the product is not launched in manufacturing, we will refund the complete sum as soon as possible.

It is the principle of all or nothing!

Can I change my size or my delivery address ?

Because it is important that you receive the perfect garment, you can change your the size-choice up until production has started.

That is up until the campaign closes.

To help you make the right choice, we invite you to consult our size guide.

The delivery address is modifiable up until shipment.

When will my order be shipped?

The estimated delivery time is shown below each crowdfunding campaign. We wait for the end of each campaign in order to start production.

Throughout the manufacturing process, we will keep you posted regarding the most important steps, in order to transform your waiting time into an exciting experience of active participation alongside the production by our workshops.

Can I exchange or return items upon reception?

Unlike many ready-to-wear brands, we do not have extra stock and only manufacture specific products ordered on our site. This process allows us to offer our clothes at the fairest possible price, but makes exchanges difficult.

Nevertheless, your satisfaction being at the heart of our concerns, you have the possibility of returning the garment to us on the condition that it has not been worn, it is without defect, and it is unwashed.

We will then offer you a similar item, more in line with your expectations. Do not hesitate to contact us via email by using the contact form if you need more information!

How much time do I have to wait for my order to be delivered ?

At the end of the campaign, if the garment reaches a sufficient number of pre-orders, we launch production of your favorite piece in our workshops.

Far from the traditional "Fast Fashion" production rhythm, we choose to create collaborative collections with your help, without intermediaries, and at the right price.

It is with love that we strive to create quality clothes employing a process that respects our environment, this takes time but is very important to us.

In order for you to make a well-informed commitment, you will find the estimated manufacturing time in the details for each campaign.

Do you have items in stock for immediate delivery ?

No, unfortunately we do not. Our approach is based on manufacturing solely on-demand. Apart from a few exchange-related exceptions, we limit our stock in order to offer items at the best price.

This is also the reason that we do not put our clothes on sale outside of each campaign.

Can you send me clothes so that I can try my size?

Our total lack of stock does not allow us to send you items to try sizes.

We only manufacture clothing ordered by co-manufacturers or for those who have pre-ordered and so we do not have samples available in each size.

However, our product sheets are accompanied by precise measurements and recommendations according to your morphology.

What does Aatise mean ?

In old French, "aatise" means a challenge or provocation.

This is precisely us: we are proud to offer the first French fashion brand with a different manufacturing philosophy.

By making our clotthes on demand and in France, by choosing ecologically responsible materials and dyes and by offering a wide range of sizes, Aatise offers a real alternative to standardised production methods.

We believe that a creation is only exceptional if its quality is irreproachable and its commitment long-lasting.

What does Ecology have to do with all of that ?

Our obsession: to offer beautiful stylish clothes, that are not only ethical but also ecological. We strive to enhance fabrics of natural and organic fibres.

Going even further in this commitment, some of our clothes can be composted at the end of their life cycle. Yes, you got it right, compostable clothes, such as the T-shirt "Zumoi "and the top "Zazie" which are available in our e-shop.

Now you understand that this project is a great challenge and that we need you to make it happen! If you share our values, feel free to join the Facebook group "Team Aatise". Together, we will design and create your finest ecological clothing!

Our Challenge for 2030 ?

This collective project is surely our biggest challenge! Our most cherished wish is to experience, as early as 2030, the return to a mainly French domestic textile production.

How so? By promoting manual crafts which are largely unknown; by giving them back their "letters of nobility"; and by opening the doors of the workshops to you.

Eco-design, thanks to the emergence of compostable materials and closed-circuit recycling procedures, is now a model for the future, which we would like to fully implement by 2030.

Do you have any further questions? Want to send us words of love? Write us by filling in the contact form.