Aatise - we produce sustainable clothes in France

Aatise - we produce sustainable clothes in France

Ecoconception Aatise


High quality, natural, innovative and ecological materials

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Made in France Aatise

Made in France

Emphasizing local manufacturing and preserving local know-how

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Le prix juste Aatise

The right price

Full transparency about our production costs

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Clothes on demand

timeless and stylish


Lyocel and recycled cotton trousers

basic but indestructible

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Gif - nos robes personalisées à la demande

What does Aatise mean?


[a.ti.ze] - n.f.

1- In Old French, Aatise means "challenge".

2 - Creator of sustainable clothing, made in France in limited edition, which will titillate your curiosity.

" "That's all to "(a)atise" your desire, isn’t it ?” "”

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Aatise - Nos points de vente  à Bordeaux


Atelier Français: 3 Place du Frêne, 06140 Vence


Le trait Français : 8 Rue Jules Chalande, 31000 Toulouse

Paris :

L'appartement Français : 27 rue du Bourg Tibourg, 75004 Paris

Le dressing Responsable :13, rue des Récollets, 75010 Paris

On Instagram : @aatise