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Blouse Zailu Long Sleeves 100% Viscose


Pre-order Zailu, the forties retro blouse of 100% Viscose. Blouse made of a flowing fabric, flower print, long balloon sleeves.

Covered buttons, elegant and chic cut.


Blouse ML Viscose Zailu imprimé

Data sheet

100% Viscose
Long sleeves

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Top made of 100% viscose.

Washing temperature at 30 ° C. Iron on level 1.

This piece is made from cellulose, which is a wood-based fiber. This is biodegradable and environmentally friendly (made without using pesticides).

Reduction of pollution

Viscose fabric means that no synthetic materials based on mineral oil are used, which are extremely harmful to the environment. Viscose degrades easily and therefore does not pollute soil or oceans.

Waste reduction

Our pre-ordering system reduces our stock keeping and overproduction, so there is little waste throughout the manufacturing process.

Reduction of CO² emissions

Since everything is grown or produced in Europe, the CO² balance is good.


Our goal is to produce recyclable and readily degradable clothing. For this reason, for example, we do not use collar reinforcements made of synthetic fibres (polyester). You can pull off the fabric of the covered buttons, reassign the buttons and use again!

Only with very fine fabrics we have to use at the moment polyester thread, because tests with cotton thread have not yet brought a satisfactory result.

Natural properties

The viscose is very absorbent, biodegradable and hardly elastic, crease-resistant and dimensionnally stable during washing.

Fabric: The fabric is sourced in Europe 

Production: The prototype in the photo was produced by us, production takes place in a production unit in Bordeaux.

But where do the raw materials come from?

We have viscose suppliers from Germany and Portugal, and we also buy up existing stocks. We are looking for a French supplier who can produce and supply prints on viscose and / or lyocell.

We shop in our neighbor countries in order to offer you the best quality that can be found in our area.

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