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We are (A)authentic, (A)atypical, (A)affranchie -“Unbound” and Different… Aatise

Authentic: Not only we are authentic in our lifestyle, but also in our distribution method. By making our garments on demand, in France, and by choosing ecologically responsible materials and dyes, we offer a real alternative to conventional mass production.

Atypical: We are atypical because we design our own clothes, and make them as limited editions in all sizes. The models of garments are chosen in cooperation with the members of our community and the collections regularly revamped and revisited ... Are you looking for originality? Then Aatise is just the brand for you!

You are no longer obliged to follow the dictats of the ultra-standardized clothing industry; no longer forced to support a type production that undermines the quality of clothes and damages the environment. Who hasn’t dreamed of such a possibility?

What if we could make this dream into a reality together ?

Les Affranchies “the unbound”:

Why should you have to choose between fashion and quality? Between fashion and price? Between fashion and ecology? Aatise is, above all, a label that makes women more beautiful all the while redefining the idea of how fashion should function.


No « S », No « M», No« L » … Just Me!

Even if fashion seems to become more and more uniform, women, are most definitely not!

This fact, too often neglected, is of great importance to us Aatisers. Not only do we offer a very wide range of sizes in all our clothing models, but we try our designs on "real" women. Women no longer have to make a choice between whether they want to look good or feel comfortable !

What drives us is the quest for the perfect piece of clothing.

A perfect piece of clothing is one we love to wear for its perfect cut, its inimitable fit and the incomparable comfort of its natural materials. And for good reason!

Whether it is linen, silk or hemp, all our textile fibres are sourced according to criteria of durability over time so that the love story between you and your clothes lasts as long as possible.

At Aatise, we believe that a creation is only exceptional if the quality is irreproachable and its commitment long-lasting.

We are looking for what makes Sense and to put an end to waste

It all began with an idea: the desire to create a clothing line that is distinguished by its style and audacity, but above all by its commitments and values.

In order to free ourselves from current globalized production methods and consumption patterns, we actually took a risk: we decided that we would build a community of women with the same values and demands as we have.

To have the capacity to choose the clothing models you really want to wear, to buy original, perhaps even unusual dresses, to promote a know-how that guarantees the best quality, a responsible production and natural materials – and above all to eliminate the stock of unsold products! this is the best thing we could do!

Behind the Scenes at Our Workshops

In imagining our brand, we wanted to focus on the work of those who produce the garments. Therefore, our collections are made in French workshops carefully selected by us, and to which we would be pleased to take you as often as possible! No more anonymous production lacking values. We would be proud to tell you the story of the women and men who make your clothes.

Because it takes time to meet our quality requirements, we do everything we can to ensure that your waiting period is a fascinating experience that will make the long-awaited package with your fashion pieces even more valuable. Are you ready? You are about to take part in a unique event: the creation of a small miracle in our Aatise Workshops.