The cost of Made in France

The French have a growing interest in Made in France.

According to an IFM study, 90% of French people consider this theme important for the future.

But French manufacturing has a price!

In all transparency, we will detail our manufacturing costs to you.

How does it work ?

Fair and transparent prices

Achat des Matieres Aatise


(fabric, accessories: buttons, zips, thread etc,...)

20 Euros

Fabrication Aatise


(manufacturing cost: wages, machine maintenance etc.)

45 Euros

Création Aatise


(pattern creation, prototypes, styling, fittings)

3 Euros

Transport Aatise

Freight cost of materials

(transport of linen yarn to our factory, transport of fabrics and accessories)

2.50 Euros

Emballages Aatise


(eco-friendly kraft box or envelope, tissue paper, yarn, card)

3 Euros

Logistique Aatise


(storage, order preparation)

4.50 Euros

Frais Administraifs Aatise

Administration costs

(insurance, telephone, rent, bank charges, fees, accountant)

5 Euros

Communication Aatise


(photographer, popups, shows, website, animations, advertising...)

10 Euros

TVA  Aatise


(VAT, textile recycling tax, other taxes)

31 Euros


Coût Total Aatise

124 Euros

Our Selling Price: 179 Euros for a Dress

Margin: 55 Euros

(--> or 4 Euros if sold by reseller in France))

What is the profit margin used for?

Paying salaries, developing the company, investing in ever more innovative and environmentally friendly materials.....

In short, to share our vision of stylish and committed fashion with you!

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