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Aatise Ethical Mandarin Zyclos Recycled Wool Sweater

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The Zyclos sweater, in 100% recycled tangerine-colored wool/acrylic, made in France and on demand.

Available in a wide range of sizes, from XS to XXL, its unisex design embodies enduring elegance, offering everyone the opportunity to make a style statement while saving the planet.

We produce our clothes on demand, and only, to avoid overstocks and limit waste.

Coralie wears size XS

Sweater 70% Recycled wool, 25% Polyamide, 5% Other fibers

icone lavage 30Icone pas de chloreIcone sechage à platIcone repassage sur 1 pointIcone pas de seche linge

Hand wash cold (or wool cycle if your machine is reliable). To keep your sweater looking its best, wash it with a mild soap for delicate pieces.

Avoid sudden temperature changes between washing and drying, otherwise your garment may felt.

We strongly recommend wringing by hand without using fabric softener (as this is a protein fiber, fabric softener can have the opposite effect, giving your sweater a rough feel and a felted appearance), or a minimum spin (400 rpm) in the washing machine.

Tumble-drying is forbidden. Wool dries quickly: prefer to dry flat, away from direct sunlight and heat sources (do not place on a radiator).

The sweater returns to its original shape and does not need ironing or 1-point ironing.

No dry-cleaning, as the products used are too aggressive for wool and could damage your sweater.

Did you know?
Premature wear of wool garments is mainly caused by repeated careless washing (see above), with too high a temperature, and too much rubbing.

The characteristics of wool

Icone harmless for skin


Ökotex-certified yarn, respectful of your skin's health

 Icon thermoregulator


Wool keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter

Icon Antibacterial


Wool's natural anti-fungal properties prevent odors.

Recycled wool, a natural material, warm and comfortable!

Réduction des déchets

Waste reduction

Recycled wool gives a second life to textiles, reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill. This sweater is also made in a company that returns the knitting waste to the spinner of the recycled yarn for a new cycle.




It's a natural, renewable resource, and a real investment!

You'll see, your recycled wool sweater will be with you for years to come.

réduction émission CO2 

Reduced CO2 emissions

On average, recycled yarns have 98% less impact on the environment than yarns made from new materials.

Knitting and manufacturing are carried out in France.

Réduction des déchets

Avoid overproduction of materials

The production of recycled wool requires fewer raw materials than the production of virgin wool, thus saving water, energy, and other natural resources.



Recycled wool can be sourced from existing textiles, avoiding potentially controversial farming or breeding practices.

Icon Made in France

Made in France

Fair trade & socially responsible

Icone knitting


Knitting takes place in Castres.

Icon production

Manufacturing :

Made on conventional machines, the sweater is zero-waste, as the waste from the manufacturing process is recycled into new yarn.

Icon from europ

Origin of raw material?

Recycled wool yarn comes from a spinning mill near Castres. This reduces transport-related CO2 emissions.

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