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That's how I imagine my ideal T-shirt

A true chameleon that stays modern for decades and is a style icon for every generation. Aatise today unveils his vision of the perfect T-shirt: it's just beautiful and doing good. You do not need to search any further, your hunt for the ideal T-shirt ends here.


Sweating leaves stains that do not go out anymore


When it's wet, you catch easily a cold.


After only 5 washes, it becomes shapeless and dull

Our answer: #WeLoveLinen

1- A fibre that lasts, lasts, …

Linen is robust.

The trousseaux of our grandmothers who may still be in our closets, testify it.

The reason:

strong antifungal and thermoregulatory properties which proved over centuries their worth.

Bravo !

It's made in Europe!

1 - Made in France

Made entirely in France, we strive to show you all the details of our production in full transparency.

In shop :

79 Euros

For you on our website:

55 Euros

Clothes that do good

1- Eco-friendly and compostable t-shirts

We at Aatise are committed to eco-design.

Therefore, our t-shirts contain no synthetic fibers which makes them compostable..

Long live to zero waste!

2 - Did you say Sustainable ?

Water - pesticides - less chemicals ...

Yes, linen is a highly sustainable material! Fewer pesticides, no solvent ... and fewer water consumption because of mechanical transformation and no need for irrigation!

To make a cotton t-shirt of 250 gr, you need about 2500 l of water. For a linen t-shirt much less.

3 - Imagine on your skin ...

If you think about it, a garment is like a beauty product.

Worn all day on your skin, you should better know what it is made of!

It’s done!

Our dyes are Oeko-Tex certified!

To sum up, a beautiful T-shirt that's good for you, and the planet!