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Jumper Zharlie Aatise

Jumper Zharlie 100% Merinos Wool - Heather grey

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Sweater Zharlie, V-neck, heather gray, made of 100% merino wool.

The wool fiber, in a first-class quality, does not scratch! You will love the classic .

This pullover is suitable for all figure types. 

The model wears a size S.

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100% merino wool sweater

washingchlorationironingflat dry

We recommend hand washing with cold water (or with the wool program, if your machine has a suitable program).

And to keep your sweater in a good shape, please wash it with wool / mild detergent. Avoid large temperature differences between washing and drying, otherwise the pullover could become matted.

We highly recommend that you wring your sweater by hand and do not use fabric softener (since it is a proteinaceous fiber, a softener could have the opposite effect and give your sweater a rough and matted look).

Never put in the dryer. Wool dries very quickly, so it is best to dry flat, away from direct sunlight and away from sources of heat (do not put on the heater).

The sweater takes on its original shape and does not need to be ironed.

 Do not dry clean as the products used are too aggressive and could damage your sweater.

Did you know that?

The premature oldening of garments made of wool is mainly caused by too frequent and improper washing (see above), with too high temperatures and too much friction.

We also recommend that you wash your sweater only after 4 to 6 times wearing. If your sweater smells, we recommend venting it in the open air for 48 hours.

In fact, merino wool has self-cleaning properties in combination with oxygen, and fresh air. Refreshed, you can quickly put your sweater back on and save money on washing.

And again you have done something good for your purse and our earth ..

Merino wool has natural antibacterial properties. It absorbs moisture well and has heat-regulating properties (cool in summer, warm in winter).

And above all - this merino wool does not scratch!

Characteristics of merino wool

not harmful to the skin

Not harmful to the skin

Ecotex-certified yarn that respects the health of your skin

not itchy

Does not scratch the skin

Merino wool is scratch-resistant, soft to the touch and pleasant to wear.



Merino stays cool in summer and retains heat in winter.


The natural antifungal power of merino wool prevents odours.


Cleaning at 30°C inside out, preferably with a gentle program with low spin to avoid creases. No bleaching. No tumble dryer as it may shrink the material, air drying is recommended. Iron over low heat 1 point (110°), iron damp, use a damp cloth. No dry cleaning. For stains, use "Vanish" bar or similar".

To keep your Viscose piece looking its best, wash it with a delicate soap in a net to prevent it from getting damaged.

Not harmful to the skin

Certified skin-friendly Ökotex printing


Viscose is soft and pleasant to wear


Viscose is breathable and allows moisture to pass through


Viscose absorbs perspiration and keeps your skin dry

We love this material! Why? Because it is a natural, environmentally friendly and recyclable fiber! 

waste reduction

Waste Reduction

This sweater is made on an integral knitting machine.

Therefore no waste is produced during production.



Wool is a natural, renewable resource and a real investment.

You will see, your sweater will accompany you for many years.

CO2 reduction 

Reduction of CO² emissions

The wool comes from Italy, so the carbon footprint is good, if not excellent.

Reduction of pollution

Viscose fabric means that no synthetic materials based on mineral oil are used, which are extremely harmful to the environment. Viscose degrades easily and therefore does not pollute soil or oceans.


Viscose is biodegradable, cotton seams do not leave any "micro plastic" in nature. For this reason we do not use synthetic fibre (polyester) iron-on tape to reinforce collars, wrists bands etc.

  CO2 friendly

Local supply with a positive CO2 balance.

Waste reduction

Our pre-order system limits stocks and therefore waste throughout the manufacturing process.

made in France

Made in France

Fair and socially responsible



The jumper is knitted in 

Saint Malo in Northern France


Workshop :

In the same workshop

in Saint Malo, without seams, zero waste.

raw material

Raw material ?

The merinos yarn comes from Italy.

 Made in France


The fabric is sourced in Europe


The prototype in the photo was produced by us, production takes place in a production unit in Bordeaux.

But where do the raw materials come from?

We have viscose suppliers from Germany. We shop in our neighbor countries in order to offer you the best quality that can be found in our area.

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