Our Aatise trousers, in lyocell and recycled cotton

Sustainable Pants Made in France

For Her and For Him

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Beautiful, comfortable and well cut pants are an essential part of the wardrobe, and yet, they are so difficult to find...

Sustainable and responsible, they are made in France. We have designed the pants to be comfortable and stylish so that they will stay in your wardrobe for a long time...

The right fit: the right cut!

Well cut pants!

Confort Pantalon Aatise

For him: a straight cut, elegant under all circumstances.

For her: a slightly narrow cut that refines the thighs and a 7/8 cut that lengthens the silhouette.

Well placed pockets

Recyclage des pantalon en lyocell et coton recycle Aatise

You can't deny it!

We all want trousers that flatter our posterior...... our back pockets are designed to do this.

The right length

Ecoconception du pantalon lyocell Aatise

At Aatise, we cater to everyone: never too short , our pants are made to fit you in all circumstances.

Tina masures 1 m 82 and wears size 28.

The magic of the fabric

A touch of softness on your skin.

Our materials are soft to touch but solid to wear.

The fabric of our trousers has a very soft touch and is nevertheless very robust. Naturally silky , it gently wicks away sweat and lets the skin breathe freely.

Does not pinch

Exit stiff fabrics!

We add 1% spandex to make your pants fit your body shape, not the other way around.

Feeling good and beautiful

Trousers in which you feel comfortable are like a beauty product:

Once worn, you feel sublime!

Comfort is the key word.

Committement, but with style!

Green is chic

Ecoconception du pantalon lyocell Aatise

Being green doesn't mean giving up on fashion.

In the design of our trousers we have taken inspiration from timeless icons and have chosen our colors with your help.

Our Colours

Biodégradabilité des pantalon en lyocell et coton recycle Aatise

Because a Basic should not become bland, the colors of our trousers age over time without losing their luminosity!

Highlighting the waist

Toucher doux pantalon lyocell Aatise

It can't be missed!

Our trousers are high cut: low waist for men, high waist for women.

How are these trousers environmentally responsible?

The fabric

Confort Pantalon Aatise

The basis of the fabric of our trousers is Lyocell Tencel Refibra (a blend of recycled cotton and cellulose), a fibre obtained in a closed cycle without toxic chemical effects.

And because at Aatise we like to go into every detail, we add recycled cotton when weaving in Spain to offer an exclusive and durable fabric!

Where does Tencel come from?

Toucher doux pantalon lyocell Aatise

Lyocell Tencel Refibra is made in Austria from pulp from sustainable managed Austrian forests.

More information

No water wastage!

Ecoconception du pantalon lyocell Aatise

Whether for the cultivation of raw materials (natural forest irrigation) or for the conversion of cellulose into lyocell yarn (closed cycle), the production of our trousers, in contrast to cotton trousers, takes place almost without water extraction.

Focus on tailoring

The first trousers made of Lyocell and recycled cotton.

The professionals who make the trousers

We have brought together the know-how of 10 partners to produce a unique garment for you. What do we think of our production workshop? Quite simply, it a specialist in the manufacture of trousers.