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Favouring natural fibres

The Fashion industry, the second most polluting industry in the world, generates 700,000 tonnes of clothing per year. Of the 15% of the used garments collected each year, only 75,000 tonnes are reused and recovered. Dilapidation of resources and pollution of the planet: Fast Fashion clothing is made from synthetic fibres in a 'disposable mentality' generating tons of textile waste that we do not know how to recycle. (Source IFM & Eco TLC)

By giving maximum priority to renewable natural materials, such as linen, lycoell or viscose, Aatise creates beautiful clothes that are pleasant to wear and allow the skin to breathe without impacting the planet.

Aatise - Zéro déchet et la Co fabrication


Soil pollution by the intensive use of harmful pesticides.

Aatise - Made in France


Resource depletion and gradual disappearance of species from our ecosystem

Aatise - Ecoconception des produits


Heavy water footprint It takes between 5000 and 10000 liters of water to grow 1KG of cotton.

Notre matière viscose

For Aatise, designing clothing from natural fibres means making it a point of honour to respect the environment by using natural resources, limiting chemicals and anticipating the issue of textile waste.

Indeed, the use of natural fibres known to be more resistant, extends the product's life cycle as long as possible and makes it biodegradable, even compostable.

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