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Top Zazan navy 100% Linen, V-neck with lace, ¾ sleeves


Pre-order Zazan, our navy top made from 100% pure French linen 180gr/m2, made only from natural materials, thus compostable. ¾ sleeves and a V-neckline with a chic croquet. This top is a timeless but fashionable piece.


Tee Shirt Zazan 100% lin

Data sheet

100% Lin
Three-quarter sleeves

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Top made of 100% linen

We recommend 30 ° C laundry.

The seams are sewn with cotton yarn, so this top is completely biodegradable and therefore compostable. Linen is very resistant but sensitive! In order to enjoy your garment for a long time, we recommend that you treat and wash your top with care. To preserve its natural shine, we recommend washing it with a natural detergent.

Did you know that ? The premature wear of your garment is mainly caused by too frequent, sometimes unnecessary washing with too high temperatures.

Reduction of pollution

Linen is very important to Aatise because it is a natural fiber and it’s made in France. Its cultivation requires little water and no pesticides, which makes linen a very environmentally friendly material. Durability In addition to this ecological advantage, linen is also a very lasting material, you can enjoy your piece of linen for a long time! An excellent part, especially in summer.

Waste reduction

Our pre-ordering system reduces our stock keeping and overproduction, so there is little waste throughout the manufacturing process.

Natural product properties

Flax has antibacterial and antifungal properties. It absorbs moisture very well and is an excellent thermoregulator (cool in summer, warm in winter). Reduction of CO² emissions Since everything is grown or produced in Europe, the CO² balance is good.


Made from pure linen with cotton yarn for assembling, this part is biodegradable and therefore compostable.

Knitting: The fabric is knitted in Pau (France)

Production: Made in Atelier Lepère, our partner near Bordeaux.

But where do the raw materials come from? Linnen does grow in northern France and the raw material is from a French manufacturer.

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