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Les Aatiseuses - La Team Aatise

The Aatisers

Aatise gives seductive, committed and independent women the opportunity to buy fashion that suits them and is in line with their values. We at Aatise, create all together unique pieces of clothing that prove that you can be both stylish and opt for ethically oriented shopping.

In our Facebook group, we go beyond the concept of cofrabrication by directly involving our community into the implementation of our craziest ideas!

If you meet an Aatiser, you will surely recognize her by her smile and her T-shirt of Eco Fashion Activist “Zazie”, which has become the symbol of our Team.

A little background information: We call ourselves the (A) affranchie - “the unbound”, because we want to free ourselves from the usual ways of globalized production and consumption. We let our community choose the designs they wish to wear and we provide the know-how which guarantees the finest quality while using natural materials and a sustainable production process.