Aatise: your sustainable skirt made in France in natural fabrics.

Aatise: your sustainable skirt made in France in natural fabrics.

Fair and sustainable feminine wrap skirts made in France from natural fabrics.

What is an sustainable or ethical skirt?

A sustainable and ethical skirt is a skirt made of a material that is either natural fibers or cotton:

* is natural ("linen"),

* Made of traceable and ecological material (EcoVero or organic cotton),

* recycled (uses existing raw materials that are reused in a new cycle),

* upcycled (uses leftover material that should be thrown away and returned to the production chain).

Then the skirts will be eco-designed - meaning we will try to use NO or LESS accessories made of plastic or metal. Example: Wrap dresses or wrap skirts.

We have eco-designed your EcoVero viscose or linen wrap skirt to have as little impact on the environment as possible.

How is this possible? The wrap skirts do not use plastic parts (zippers) or buttons. They are sewn from cotton thread and the brand and care labels are either recycled polyester or cotton.

They are also easy to wear and fit all body shapes.

The dyeing or printing is Ökotex 100 certified and does not use substances that are harmful to health or the environment.

You can view our environmental and health charter to learn more.

All of our ECOVERO and linen skirts are also 100% vegan and "cruelty free".

The wrap skirt for an absolute comfort?

It can't be said enough: a wrap skirt or dress is super comfortable because it naturally adjusts to your waist without a closure. A few pounds too much or too little, and it will fit you as well as the first day.

Which skirt fits which body type?

For body shapes A/8/X: It's best if you wear a slightly flared skirt, either short or midi length: our models Zilla (short flared) or Zuny (flared in midi length).

For morphology O: The skirt Zita (midi-straight) is recommended.

For H and V: you can wear the straight skirt Zana (straight short). Pencil skirts and trapeze skirts.

Chic skirts for ceremonies or skirts for everyday life?

You can wear our skirts for any occasion. In the office, in the city, to an occasion like a wedding or a Christmas party.

Which look Aatise with which ethical wrap skirt?

Our winter looks :

Wear it with tights and ankle boots for a city look or with ethical sneakers for a more casual look. A sweater, a jacket or a blazer will complete your look, it adapts to all situations.

Our summer looks :

In spring you can combine sandals or shoes with heels. With a blouse or a caraco, your dress will transform into an office outfit.

With a t-shirt or tank top it looks more casual.

We also suggest you matching tops to make 3 looks with two pieces? Example with the Zalana top and the Zana skirt. But all combinations are possible!

The skirt made on request ? Take advantage of our personalization path?

All our skirts can be customized in our personalization path! If you do not find what you are looking for, you can change the fabric or the shape on request by sending us a message HERE.