FAQ Aatise

We are eco fashion activists

We design timeless model combinations that inspire us, you adapt them to your wishes and we manufacture them on request in France, just for you, at the fair price.

Our collections are brought to life with respect of the planet and those who make fashion.

We imagine ecologically responsible clothing, available in limited series, unique, without stock or surplus. We are the first French participative apparel brand to dare to launch this movement.

So How Does It Work ?

With your help, we regulate supply and demand in order to produce only what is necessary and thus prevent the waste of clothing.

We prove that it is possible to be committed to sustainable fashion with style! The principle is simple, you decide.

1) On the "E-Shop"

The e-shop includes two types of clothing:

  • Creations in limited stock such as T-shirts and trousers for men and women immediately available.
  • Creations on demand in the fabric of your choice

2) On the "Personalization" tab

We accompany you step by step to design the perfect garment with you: Choice of design, shape, fabric.

Can I change my size or my delivery adress ?

Because it is important that you can take the perfect garment, you can change the size until production starts: i.e. until the end of the pre-order campaign or until your garment is produced on demand.

To help you make the right choice, we invite you to consult our size guide women or size guide men.

The delivery address can be changed until dispatch.


The estimated delivery time is indicated below on each product sheet. Parts in stock are immediately available.

For the pre-order, whether it is a personalized garment or as suggested in the e-shop, the time varies between 3 and 4 weeks.


Unlike many ready-to-wear brands, we have a very limited stock or manufacture pre-ordered products on our website.

This process allows us to offer you our clothing at the fairest price, which makes exchange difficult. However, as your satisfaction is at the heart of our efforts, you have the opportunity to return the unworn, faultless and unwashed garment to us.

We will then offer you a similar item that better meets your expectations.

Do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form if you need more information!


Far away from the traditional production rhythm of fast fashion, we have decided to work with you to produce creations on request, without intermediaries and at the right price.

With love, we strive to make quality clothing that respects our environment, which takes time, but makes a lot of sense to us.

To make an informed commitment, you will find the estimated production time on the presentation sheet of each garment.

Do you have sales?

At Aatise, we offer fair prices all year round, with no sales or discounts. We believe that the sales system as practiced today not only damages the planet and people, but also puts us in schizophrenic situations. We'll tell you all about this article in our blog.

Can you send a pair of clothes to try on my size?

Our almost non-existent stock does not allow us to send you items to try the sizes, as this would mean unnecessary and ecologically sensible shipments, which contradicts our values. We only produce pre-ordered clothing and have no samples available for any size. However, our product sheets are accompanied by accurate measurements and recommendations according to your morphology.

What is Aatise ?

In Old French, "aatise" means challenge, provocation.

And exactly: We are proud to offer the first fashion brand with a different way of working.

By manufacturing our models in advance and in France, by selecting responsible materials and dyes, by a wide range of sizes, Aatise offers a real alternative to standardised production methods.

We believe that a creation is only exceptional if its quality is impeccable and its commitment sustainable.


Our passion: to offer beautiful, stylish clothes, ethical of course, but also ecological. We strive to increase the value of fabrics made from natural and organic fibres.

In a word, ecodesign. Our clothing is made of cotton yarn, without synthetic fibres, which makes it biodegradable or even compostable at the end of its life. This makes it possible to anticipate the problem of textile waste.

As you have understood, this project is a great challenge and we need you to tackle it!


This collaborative project is undoubtedly our biggest challenge! It is our most fervent wish that a predominantly French textile production will be resumed as early as 2030.

How? How? How? By giving back their letters of nobility to the sometimes little-known "craft trade" and by opening the doors of the production plants.

Moreover, due to the advent of biodegradable materials and closed recycling mechanisms, eco-design is now developing into a model for the future that we want to fully integrate by 2030. Do you have any questions?

Would you like to send us love letters? Write to us using our contact form.