Sustainable pants and shorts for women

Sustainable pants and shorts for women

Eco-responsible women's trousers made in France on demand.

Trousers are an essential part of a woman's wardrobe. They adapt to all situations and all shapes.

Historically worn by men, they have been a sign of freedom for women throughout the ages. Today, there is a wide range of models that adapt to all our needs and morphologies.

Our women's trousers are made in France at your request with natural and eco-responsible materials. Combine style and ethical commitment.

Aatise trousers are designed and sewn in our workshop in Bordeaux.

Pantalon made in France

Which materials for your ethical trousers?

Ecovero trousers for women Made in France

Lenzing's Ecovero is a more ecological, breathable and strong viscose that has a lower environmental impact. It is an artificial fibre that is produced from a mixture of pulp and solvent. The advantage of this artificial fibre is that its traceability is guaranteed.

  Plain trousers for women

Plain trousers made of Ecovero are a basic that can be worn every day. They can be combined perfectly with any type of top and are suitable for all occasions.

At Aatise you can choose from several shapes and six different colours: navy, black, red, pink, green and brown.

 Our printed trousers for women

What better way to liven up your look than with printed trousers? Our pretty floral, polka dot and geometric patterns bring femininity and freshness to your look. Contrary to what you might think, prints go everywhere! Pair your trousers with a plain shirt and jacket for a more sophisticated look.

If you are looking for a more casual look, opt for a biker jacket and boots.

Women's Linen Pants Made in France

Linen trousers combine comfort and elegance and add a touch of class to any outfit. They are the key piece for summer and mid-season.

Tip: For sunny days, opt for lighter-coloured linen trousers: pink, grey, white.

As for black and khaki linen, summer evenings are the perfect time to wear them: they give a fresh touch to your looks.

Thanks to its many advantages, linen is one of Aatise's favourite fibres. It is thermoregulating, antibacterial and anti-allergic. It is one of the most environmentally friendly natural fibres: it does not need pesticides or fertilisers and its cultivation uses little water.

The 'Jogpant' for women in Linen Made in France.

Inside and outside, comfort and style are assured with the Zicolebis 100% Linen Jogpants.

The lightness and softness of these trousers make them an essential piece for chilling out at home or for a leisure activity such as walking.

Eco-responsible women's suits

At Aatise, we couldn't forget the jumpsuits. In linen or Ecovero, the choice is yours! No more time spent in front of the dressing room wondering how to match a piece.

A wide range of women's trouser shapes at Aatise

High waist trousers

Contrary to popular myths, high waisted trousers are suitable for all body types. Their fitted waist tends to widen the legs and therefore make them look slimmer.

The Dad cut - Zhéa

The dad cut or also called wide leg is the light, wide trousers which brings movement to the silhouette. It adapts perfectly to all the morphologies.

Cigarette cut

Cigarette trousers are straight-cut trousers with narrow legs. Very comfortable, they allow you to lengthen your legs.

Why choose trousers made from eco-responsible materials.

Today's fashion industry and its production and over-consumption have a harmful effect on the environment. Our trousers are made from environmentally friendly materials and on demand for zero waste.

Tips for choosing your trousers according to your body type.

Every woman has a different body shape. Here are our tips for choosing the right trousers for you!

 H-shaped morphology

This is characterized by a low waistline. The shoulders are in the same line as the hips and the curves are hardly visible. Go for low waistlines and straight or slim-fitting trousers to lengthen your legs.

 O-shaped body shape

If you are rather curvy, the ideal solution is high-waisted trousers that are wide and flowing, which will lengthen your figure!

 Morphology in 8

If you have a high waist and your hips and shoulders are aligned, you have a figure 8 shape. Choose high-waisted, straight, cigarette trousers.

 X-shaped body type

You have a morphology very similar to the figure 8 with a less curved body and a smaller chest. We advise you to accentuate the waist with cigarette trousers or chinos.

 Morphologie en A

Votre morphologie est très féminine et se caractérise par des hanches plus larges et des épaules plus étroites. Rien de mieux que la taille haute et les pantalons larges pour vous !

 V-shape morphology

With this morphology, your shoulders are wider than your hips and your waist is not very marked. Opt for low waist and flared trousers.

For more advice, visit our blog post on how to choose clothes according to your morphology.